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Spinal fusion doesn’t have to be such a pain in the back, says ZygoFix

Ofer Levy, CEO at ZygoFix, joined CTech to discuss its medical device that can help lower chronic back pain in adults.

Ofer Levy, CEO at ZygoFix

“Fusion procedures are a very common surgical procedure, I think it is the most common procedure for chronic back pain,” explained Ofer Levy, CEO at ZygoFix. “There is existing hardware that provides this stability. The standard way the stability is provided today is by placing two pairs of screws, these are driven into the involved segment, into the vertebrae, and connected by a rigid rod - sort of like creating an external artificial bridge.”
If that sounds intimidating, it’s because it likely is. Levy showed CTech a large metallic device that is traditionally placed into the human spine to alleviate lower back pain in adults through a procedure called spinal fusion. According to him, the small chip device developed by ZygoFix can produce a more effective stabilization solution that is less invasive.
“What we set out to do is develop and implant that provides the stability by inserting into this joint and stabilizing it from within. By that, we can provide a much simpler procedure, much less invasive, and one that is capable of being performed as an outpatient which is a much simpler procedure for the healthcare system, for the surgeon, and the entire healthcare system,” he said.
You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.