Huawei's Israeli R&D subsidiary, Toga Networks

Toga Networks, Huawei's R&D center in Israel, lays off 20 employees

The layoffs come in the wake of the company's decision to close its storage division. Toga Networks employs about 500 people in its offices in Hod Hasharon

Toga Networks, the R&D center of the Chinese company Huawei, is closing its storage division and laying off 20 employees from the division. Concurrently, a portion of the affected employees is set to be absorbed into other divisions of the chip company, currently engaged in recruitment efforts.
Toga Networks employs approximately 500 people in its offices in Hod Hasharon, near Tel Aviv. Toga Networks has not issued any official response or statement regarding the changes at this time. A month ago, the company, which is a part of the Chinese communications giant, laid off additional employees.
Toga Networks serves as a crucial development arm for the Chinese company Huawei, exemplified by its development center in Israel, which retains the name Toga Networks despite being fully owned by the Chinese company. When Huawei became embroiled in the United States boycott, the development center also found itself subject to the same boycott.