Our Product Research & Curation Process

Our Shopping team is committed to bring you authentic, unbiased, and top-quality content on a broad range of products. To make sure that you spend your money and time shopping for the best products out there, our selection process uses proprietary technology to curate a list based on reviews from millions of real people across the world. Non-lists content where we focus on reviewing a single product is written by a member of our Shopping writing team which is independent from CTech’s Editorial team.
Based on the wisdom of the crowd theory, our methodology is much more reliable than the opinion of a writer who arbitrarily chooses products to review without testing the countless options available for every single product. As such, we make sure that our product curation process is not influenced by any individual, brand, or product line from the outside. Not only that, after we publish our recommendations our team of writers make sure to update and keep existing recommendations fresh, accurate, and helpful. Since most products recommended in our content are sold on Amazon, we rely on its customer reviews and ratings which are highly trustworthy. To learn more about Amazon’s customer reviews and ratings click here.
You probably want to know how the wisdom of the crowd theory applies to our content. The wisdom of the crowd theory is exemplified in product reviews, where the collective assessments of a diverse group of consumers often provide more reliable and insightful information than individual expert opinions. Each reviewer brings unique perspectives, experiences, and preferences, and the aggregation of these diverse viewpoints tends to diminish individual biases and errors. Consequently, the average rating or consensus opinion in product reviews can offer a more accurate representation of a product's quality or performance than the assessment of any single reviewer. This application of the wisdom of the crowd underscores the effectiveness of tapping into the collective intelligence of a broad and varied audience, providing consumers with a more informed basis for their purchasing decisions. Many other information websites such as Quora, Reddit and Wikipedia also rely on collective human knowledge.
If there’s a category or product that you would love to see featured, please let us know by sending us a note at shopping@calcalist.co.il.
Note: Remember that some health products may not suit all people. It’s important to consult a physician if you have a health condition and want to try out new skincare products or supplements for the specific health condition.