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How Greenfield Partners identified one of Calcalist’s 'Most Promising Startups'

The VC firm’s Operating Partner Nir Goldstein joined CTech to discuss what it looks for in companies when seeking investment opportunities 

“When you're focused on growing the sales and the go-to-market of a single company, you kind of used to handling the same challenges and issues over and over and improving over time,” explained Greenfield Partners Operating Partner Nir Goldstein. “Whereas when you're working with a portfolio, you need to adjust quickly on the different go-to-market motions of each company, and their different challenges. I think it keeps you flexible. You need to be much more creative and take lessons learned from one company to another and help them execute faster.”
Goldstein made the remarks at an event celebrating Calcalist’s most Promising Startups in 2024. With a background in tech himself as VP of sales EMEA and APAC at Monday.com, he is now working within the VC firm and taking lessons learned from one company and applying them to others within a wider portfolio.
One company the firm is supporting is Exodigo, ranked third on the list. “We are very proud of the fact that we were able to lead the round… and we're excited about almost anything in this company from what they do,” he continued. “This super-strong team has been going together for many years since substantial army service and developing really unique technology in underground scanning. It’s a huge market for almost any infrastructure and building project out there and we feel that this company should go very big and disrupt its industry.”
You can watch the entire exchange above, or watch an interview with Exodigo here.