CTech Final StartUp+ Alon Yariv

Qubex has a solution for bottlenecks in the cloud

Alon Yariv, Founder and CEO of Qubex, spoke to CTech after claiming first prize in Calcalist and Poalim Hi-Tech’s StartUp+ competition

“People today have zero patience for waiting for basically anything. We can’t wait to get the Taylor Swift concert ticket when we want it. We can’t wait for Uber to react instantly to our requests, and a lot of the time the applications we use actually fail delivering on them,” said Founder and CEO of Qubex Alon Yariv, who claimed first prize in Calcalist and Poalim Hi-Tech’s StartUp+ competition in collaboration with the Zell Entrepreneurship Program at Reichman University.
Yariv says that this is often to do with slow reaction times and cloud bottlenecks, which Qubex aims to solve. “Qubex provides an answer for the entire range of bottlenecks in the cloud from the reaction time of server scale-up to the reaction time of databases and database response,” he adds. “We reduce the time of reaction for user requests from minutes, like in extreme events, to seconds.
Qubex beat out Faireez for first place. Five startups took part in the final with 20 startups advancing to the semi-final stage. The selected entrepreneurs had the opportunity to present their ventures during a five-minute pitch in front of the competition jury, after which they answered their questions. The top two places were awarded monetary prizes, expert consulting from Poalim Hi-Tech, and an advertising package on the Calcalist website.
You can watch the full interview in the video above.