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Real Life Superpowers
Asaf Shamly: "I figured out that maybe I need a war plan for Browsi... which is insane to think about."

In a conversation with Noa Eshed and Ronen Menipaz on the podcast Real Life Superpowers, Browsi Co-Founder Asaf Shamly discusses being an entrepreneur during a war and the emotional toll it brings.

"As a startup company, you don’t make plans for war, right? You have doomsday scenarios, where you run out of money, or things happen, but you never think 'Okay, there's gonna be a war tomorrow, let's build up my plan for war', you never do that." said Browsi Co-Founder Asaf Shamly on the Real Life Superpowers Podcast. "And when it actually happened, I figured out that maybe I need a war plan for Browsi - for my company, which is insane to think about. So we have to be agile, and being a startup allows you to be very agile."
In this special wartime episode, Ronen and Noa speak with Asaf Shamly, a visionary entrepreneur and thought leader in the AdTech space, who co-founded Browsi, an AdTech AI startup back in 2017, with a mission to create a world where content and ads blend harmoniously
He’s been at the forefront of innovation in the AdTech industry for over 8 years and has a wealth of experience which he’s gained from involvement in three startups.
He also takes a lead role in the open-source community, championing transparency.
And here's the kicker – despite all his achievements, he’s just 30 years old.
Topics discussed:
  • Being an entrepreneur during a war
  • Entrepreneurship struggles and emotional toll
  • The difference between selling to investors vs. clients
  • Emotional intelligence, EQ, and managing a team
  • The lonely road of entreprenurship
  • Dealing with failure and learning from mistakes
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Noa Ronen Real Life Superpowers Podcast
Noa Ronen Real Life Superpowers Podcast
Noa and Ronen from the Real Life Superpowers Podcast
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Noa Eshed: recognized as a thought leader by the Daily Telegraph. Her book "The Smart Marketer's Guide to Google Adwords” was an Amazon no.1 bestseller. Her digital marketing agency Bold Digital Architects has acclaimed several industry awards. She previously co-founded and distributed Israel’s only national magazine for students, and is a certified lawyer (Hebrew U grad) and journalist.
Ronen Menipaz: an Israeli investor, entrepreneur, tech advisor, and founder of numerous business ventures in the entertainment, adtech, and fintech space. During his 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, Ronen has been involved with over 100 startups in Israel, 30 of which he founded or co-founded. Two of those startups went public, while five were sold and four more are currently privately profitable companies.