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“We are focused on the GM mission: Zero emissions, zero congestion, and zero crashes”

Rinat Yogev, Partner at GM Ventures, spoke to CTech at Meet&Tech about how it invests in companies

Rinat Yogev, Partner at GM Ventures

“GM Ventures is a strategic investor, it is the corporate venture arm for General Motors,” explained its Partner Rinat Yogev. Speaking at Calcalist’s Meet&Tech, Yogev explained how the firm aligns its mission with that of General Motors. “We look for novel technologies from the outside and we marry that with the best we have inside.”
GM Ventures focuses on early-stage investing, typically Series A and B, and works closely in a number of different ways with startups. “We are focused on where General Motors is on its mission. That's around zero emissions, zero congestion, and zero crashes. We have four main pillars, around electrification, autonomous experience, connecting to the customer, and digital experience. We've been investing since 2010, we have done over 50 investments thus far.”
You can learn more about GM Ventures in the video above.