CTech AIsrael Conference Daniella Gilboa

“We're impacting the next generation of IVF”

Daniella Gilboa, Co-founder and CEO at AIVF, spoke to CTech at AISrael 2024 on how AI can impact the IVF process.

“Imagine AI as being another tool for the embryologist, clinical embryologist, or physician, or even for the patient to understand what's ahead and make better decisions through different processes,” explained Daniella Gilboa, Co-founder and CEO at AIVF. “Instead of having a subjective human analysis on evaluating the embryos, you now have an AI that was trained on a huge amount of data, embryos, videos of embryos and understands embryonic development and can tell you in high accuracy which embryo will end up as a healthy baby.”
AIVF uses artificial intelligence to help physicians and IVF clinics worldwide identify embargoes with the highest probability of becoming a healthy baby in the IVF process. It does this by bringing a layer of more information, automation, and higher accuracy to each embryo and then grading it with a percentage number instead of relying on human subjective analysis which could sometimes lead to mistakes or errors.
To date, the company has helped thousands of patients across Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, Brazil, and the U.S. resulting in the direct births of tens of children due to AI. “We're impacting the next generation of IVF,” she concluded. “That’s huge.”
You can watch the entire exchange from AIsrael 2024 in the video above.