The GorillaLink Team

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GorillaLink’s Satellite Emergency Hotspot can help connect those in danger

The company has raised a total of $2 million and is developing a new dedicated product for emergencies following 7/10.

“GorillaLink is a SpaceTech startup that has developed a patented technology that replaces cellular connectivity, with satellite-based connectivity that is 100% secure, affordable, and can be connected anytime, anywhere,” explained Nadav Nachshon, the company’s CEO. “We have already partnered with several well-known organizations, among them well-known HLS (Homeland Security) and Government organizations.”
Following October 7, GorillaLink has developed a dedicated product for emergencies called Satellite Emergency Hotspot.
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GorillaLink Team
GorillaLink Team
The GorillaLink Team
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“This technology allows fluent communication with people hiding in security rooms and shelters, during emergencies, even if there is absolutely no cellular connectivity, electricity, or battery,” Nachshon said. “This is an extremely critical time for the company as its solutions can massively help the Israeli community and army with its security-focused solutions targeted at saving lives. We are hoping for safer and quieter times for all of us.”
You can learn more about the company below.
Company Name: GorillaLink.
Sector: IoT, SpaceTech, Communication
Product/Service description:
GorillaLink has developed a patented Edge-to-Cloud Platform-as-a-Service technology that enables a data transmission solution that is available via any Satellite Constellation, anytime, anywhere in a seamless and affordable manner that is 100% secure.
Founder Bios:
Brothers Nadav Nachshon, CEO, and Ron Nachshon, CTO, with 30 years of combined experience in Satellite IoT, LPWAN, and Cloud.
Year of Founding: 2021
Last Investment Round: $2 million
Last Investment Stage: Pre-Seed
Date of Last Investment: January 2023
Total investment to date: $2.5 million
Investors (leading and all):
  • Israel Space Agency
  • Techstars
  • Israel Innovation Authority
  • WorldQuant
  • E2MC
  • In-Ventech
  • I4F
  • Space Angel Investors
Current number of employees: 10
Open positions: 5
How was the idea born?
While Nadav Nachston was traveling in South America after my IDF service, he got into a motorcycle accident but it was in the middle of nowhere and needed urgent evacuation to get to the nearest town. He realized that if the motorcycle had been connected to some kind of communications control center, they would have been able to rescue him faster. This is how the idea was born.
He has been working for over 10 years as a satellite and cloud architect professional and has sold satellites to some of the biggest names including Oil and Gas and Homeland security offices.
What is the need for the product?
The biggest enterprises in the world are seeking ways to facilitate faster and better connectivity solutions in order to create better and smarter security solutions, supply chain solutions, AgTech solutions, and more.
Our broad range of case studies demonstrates how much value the GorillaLink technology brings to so many different sectors and areas in the world.
In AgTech for instance, GorillaLink has collaborated with SpaceCom to provide large-scale commercial Agtech solutions in Africa, in remote locations that require ongoing communications and data transmission.
Generally, OECD countries demand smarter AgTech solutions in order to encourage farmers to cultivate more in smaller areas and be able to support larger communities. According to research, the toxic gasses that result from rice cultivation cause more air pollution than airplanes.
GorillaLink offers AgTech organizations consecutive communications based on sensors and Satellites allowing them to majorly control and decrease air pollution caused by farming. It is therefore generating “methane reduction for rice paddies farmers” helping farmers and the world climate alike.
How is it changing the market?
Up until today, Satellite Communications was considered complex and highly expensive. GorillaLink is turning it into something that is scalable and affordable while at the same time allowing each and every sector to join this highly significant revolution.
GorillaLink is essentially bridging the connectivity gap between manufacturers and end customers with a seamless SatCom connectivity solution that is available anywhere, anytime leaving out the existence of connectivity blind spots or bad communication signals.
Over 80% of the planet lacks connectivity, and GorillaLink is bringing a game-changing technology that introduces a seamless, secure, and affordable way for industries worldwide to opt into the benefits of satcom for data transmission.
How big is the market for the product and who are its main customers?
The increasing need for satellite IoT solutions in defense organizations to protect their borders, and establish communication in remote locations, or in locations with no reception, alongside access to real-time data is driving the market.
There is a growing attempt by global organizations to deliver satellite-based services that cater to different verticals such as Agriculture, Mobility, and Aviation with the aim to provide consecutive connectivity in remote and non-accessible regions.
The drive for satellite communications stems from the pressing need for global connectivity for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Several businesses in this sector are investing in broadening the applications for satellite communication, most notably with the introduction of SmallSat constellations. Several businesses use satellite IoT services to monitor and track equipment for intelligent data transfers.
Does the product exist already? If not - at what stage is it and when is it expected to hit the market?
The product has already been deployed globally with prominent enterprises and organizations in several verticals as its lead partners. The company is currently focusing on developing the next generation of products in order to address new verticals (i.e. security and supply chain) that require new arising communication needs, especially in developing countries and remote locations.
Who are the main competitors in this sector and how big are they?
GorillaLink specializes in satellites specifically designed for IoT, setting us apart in the market. Unlike other players like Starlink and OneWeb, who primarily focus on providing broadband internet connectivity, our unique approach and expertise make us the perfect partner for companies leveraging IoT. With our comprehensive edge-to-cloud solutions, we can help you fully harness the potential of IoT, from efficient data collection to real-time analysis and decision-making. Our advanced technologies and services ensure seamless integration and optimization in all aspects of your IoT projects.
What is the added value that the founders bring to the company and the product?
The GorillaLink team, brothers Nadav (BsC Computer Science) and Ron Nachshon (BsC Electronics Engineer), have vast expertise and knowledge in satellite communication and low-power wide area network (LPWAN) solutions and hands-on experience in independently building solutions with these technologies.
The team not only solved communication problems in their previous roles but they are also highly experienced with anything that has to do with best practices that relate to implementing new technical approaches.
That unique combo of broad-ranged practical experience and deep understanding of the Satellite Communications industry sets this team apart from the competition and gives GorillaLink a unique advantage in the market.
What will the money coming in from the round be used for?
Our main focus will be on ramping up sales, expanding our team, and accelerating product development to meet the market demand. We see especially significant opportunities in the supply chain and security sectors.
With this next round of funding, we will hire a team of professionals in order to strengthen our team and be able to deliver these highly complex and innovative solutions to our customers. We will also invest in marketing efforts and scale.
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