Startups meet mentors and investors at last year's Roadshow.

Roadshow+ 2023
Strengthening Israeli entrepreneurship in wartime, 18 startups selected to pitch to investors in Roadshow+

Calcalist and Poalim Tech’s Roadshow+ event provides an opportunity during these challenging days for entrepreneurs to continue to raise funds to promote their ventures. 220 companies submitted applications, of which 18 startups were selected from a variety of fields including climate tech, fintech, foodtech and software development - to present their pitch to senior investors from the leading funds in Israel

Eighteen companies have been selected to present their pitch at the Roadshow+ event, including startups in the fields of cybersecurity, climate tech, fintech, software development and more. The Roadshow+ event is taking place for the third year in a row and is intended for entrepreneurs in stages from Pre-Seed to A and gives them a platform to expose their ventures to Israel's leading investors.
This year, 220 ventures applied, of which 18 will present at the event that is taking place despite the war with Hamas in Gaza. The tech industry has been going through a difficult time over the last year and the war is making it even more difficult to raise funds. The Roadshow+ event gives entrepreneurs a significant opportunity to be exposed to leading investors.
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מפגשים של מנטורים וסטארט־אפים אירוע הייטק פועלים Roadshow
מפגשים של מנטורים וסטארט־אפים אירוע הייטק פועלים Roadshow
Startups meet mentors and investors at last year's Roadshow.
(Photo: Oren Shalev)
"In conversations with entrepreneurs, we talk a lot about foresight, about developing the ability to understand ahead of time where we want to be in the future," said Michal Kissos Hertzog, CEO of Poalim Tech. "From there, the conversation arises about how to learn from mistakes we haven't made yet and what lessons can be learned from the future. Such an ability allows entrepreneurs to write the path of their startup, and allows them to deal with difficult and challenging scenarios."
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כנס רודשואו מיכל קיסוס הרצוג מנכלית פועלים הייטק
כנס רודשואו מיכל קיסוס הרצוג מנכלית פועלים הייטק
Poalim Tech CEO Michal Kissos Hertzog at last year's Roadshow.
(Photo: Orel Cohen)
These are the 18 startup companies chosen to participate in the event:
Founded in 2021 by Muli Motola, Daniel Naftchi, and Itzik Hanan, Acsense operates in the cybersecurity field. The company leads the field of resilience in identity and access management (IAM). Acsense provides an IAM data security platform in the cloud with innovative backup and recovery capabilities in case of human error and ransomware. The company's customers are companies from the technology, cyber and finance fields.
Colors AI
Founded in 2023 by Alon Kichin, Saar Litmanovich, and Doron Levy, Colors AI specializes in converting customer feedback into financial reports for RevOps (revenue operations) product managers. The company's solution makes the collection and cataloging of customer feedback automatic and uniform in order to help determine the order of priorities in product development, thus illuminating ways for growth.
Contigo Capital
The fintech company Contigo Capital, co-founded in 2022 by Jonathan Arad and Eran Peter, operates in the field of real estate financing. The company has developed an innovative mortgage solution with a significantly lower cost. The mortgage combines debt and equity and allows borrowers to sell part of the future property value of the house in exchange for better loan terms - a smaller down payment and lower monthly payments. High interest rates and excessive real estate prices have created the worst housing crisis in history - with over 90 million households unable to purchase a home in the U.S. Using the company's mortgage, they will be able to purchase a house without increasing risks for lenders.
Founded in 2020 by Dr. Michal Mark Danieli, EarlyLabs is a biotechnology company operating in the field of diagnostics based on volatile organic compounds. The company has developed a cancer testing platform, focusing on lung cancer, to identify odor signatures of cancer in urine samples from the first stages using a unique technology, for which the company has a patent. The platform includes a combination of animal biosensors, advanced mechanics and artificial intelligence.
Flex Storage
Founded in 2020 by Tal Bar and Dean Stern, Flex operates in the field of self-storage. Flex is a technology company that aims to bring the self-storage industry into the future through a smart and mobile storage room. Through an end-to-end logistics platform and mobile storage rooms equipped with GPS, sensors and climate control, the company provides a convenient and economical storage experience. Flex's platform brings the mobile storage room directly to the consumer at the push of a button.
Founded in 2020 by Raz Neuhaus, Dudu Aharon and Oshrit Yosef, FlowSec is a cyber company that provides a DDoS protection solution to internet service providers, business organizations and companies. The solution developed by the company is currently implemented in most telecom companies in Israel and Senegal and in several companies in the Balkan countries.
Founded in 2023 by Ben Luria, who also serves as CEO, Hirundo operates in the field of IT and business software. Hirundo is building a platform for optimizing machine learning data for teams. The company's product focuses on three issues in the ML (machine learning) life cycle: optimization and reduction of training data; analyzing causes and location of faults in the model's predictions, and removing problematic data from training model without the need to retrain.
Founded in 2020 by Dr. Eyal Afergan, Dr. Arie Abo and Dr. Tamir Tuller, Imagindairy operates in the foodtech field. The company specializes in creating real dairy proteins without animals using precision fermentation technology. The proteins produced by the company have the same taste, texture, function, and nutritional values of traditional milk. These proteins can be used to create a wide range of dairy products including cheese, yogurt and ice cream without cholesterol, lactose, and hormones. The company is developing patented technology based on advanced AI, machine learning and molecular biology, enabling protein production at large scale and low costs. The company has a partnership with Danone, a leader in the global dairy industry, as well as with Strauss Group.
Lulav Space
Founded in 2021 by Noam Leiter, Vladimir Kouperman and Ofer Solomon, Lulav Space operates in the field of IT and software for businesses. The company develops robotics software. Its products include a vision-based navigation system when GPS is not available, as well as a SaaS solution for robotics software validation. The company's platform will allow developers to validate their robotics software and offers features such as parallel cloud simulations, data management and comprehensive analysis, with reporting produced fully automatically. This means less hardware testing, the need for fewer DevOps engineers, and faster time-to-market.
MADA Analytics
Founded in 2018 by Daniel Gimpel and Eric Selmon, MADA Analytics operates in the climate tech field. The company has developed a carbon dioxide absorption technology that makes it possible to "capture" 100% of the carbon emissions of gas-fired power plants while storing liquid energy for a long time in an economical way. The company's patented technology enables liquid air storage (LAES) and improves the efficiency of natural gas-fired power plants and liquefied natural gas production. The company's technology utilizes the temperature difference between liquid air and carbon dioxide to capture between 99%-100% of carbon emissions.
MagniLearn was founded in 2021 by Lena Tockus, Dr. Michal Etzion and Prof. Ari Rappoport, and operates in the field of Edtech. The company uses artificial intelligence, NLP, and neurology and cognitive principles to create personalized learning. The company developed a "linguistic engine" that understands where students have difficulty and adjusts the lessons to meet the individual needs of each student. The company provides personalized learning through an interactive and personalized teaching method based on data-based lessons that are produced in real time. The company reaches out to publishers and content providers in order to make the study content personalized and dynamic. The company focuses primarily on teaching English as a foreign language.
Medium Well
Founded in 2022 by Shelly Lotan (CEO), Dr. Roni Shapira and Dr. Nir Berdugo, Medium Well operates in the foodtech field. The company develops an innovative solution for molecular filtration and separation and focuses on meeting the changing needs of the protein field. The company's solution for recycling materials may change the management of materials in cultured meat and improve the separation of protein in the fermentation process. In the field of cultured meat, the company's main focus is on removing compounds that are excreted such as ammonium and lactic acid. The optimization of material use leads to cost savings and a more sustainable production process.
The company was founded in 2022 by Daniel Kashmir, Lev Oren and Ophir Almog and operates in the field of climate tech. Momentick provides accurate and autonomous capabilities for detecting and measuring methane emissions and other greenhouse gasses on a global scale. The company uses drone, aerial and satellite images, and offers three main services: 1. Accurate monitoring for specific facilities/assets. 2. Monitoring of large areas (such as a country or long pipelines) and 3. Monitoring emissions from companies to provide ESG data. The company's goal is to provide a smart emissions platform for the energy industry and financial institutions.
The company was founded in 2023 by Saar Barak and Uri Almedon and operates in the field of software development for quantum computing. Quancilla is a software development platform for quantum computing that provides a comprehensive framework for creating advanced quantum applications through a combination of quantum and classical technology. The company enables traditional software engineers to use their knowledge and experience and adapt to the quantum world by offering a quantum-function-as-a-service. The company offers a simple and modern approach to building quantum applications that allows developers to easily move into the quantum world.
The company was founded in 2023 by Hagit Oren and Omri Herman and operates in the fintech field. The company develops a tax solution based on artificial intelligence that is designed to prevent tax exposures and enable the signing of tax-adjusted transactions through automatic analysis of 100% of the transactions.
The company was founded in 2023 by Lee Cohen, Ariel Yedvab, Moshe Cohen and Jack Weichselbaum and operates in the field of climate tech. TextRe is developing sustainable plastic polymers by recycling textile waste with the aim of reducing plastic pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in the textile and plastics industries. The polymers are produced by combining recycled fibers from textile waste using various polymeric methods including compounds, composite materials and 3D printing. The resulting compounds are suitable for use in a variety of applications in areas such as consumer goods, automobiles, construction or infrastructure.
The company was founded in 2021 by Avivit Yorkevich and Yossi Penias and operates in the fintech field. offers an AI-based fraud detection and prevention service that uses the customer's smartphone and a unique artificial intelligence engine designed to identify whether people are providing false or true statements online. The company monitors in real time physiological signs to identify cognitive stress and provides accurate prediction for risk assessment such as in insurance claims, credit rating and loan approvals.
The company was founded in 2022 by Shachar Kaufman and Batel Shuval and operates in the field of IT and business software. The company has developed a collaborative and automated AI platform that allows companies that provide services or service divisions within organizations to price their projects. The company's platform helps in the sales process when users define which business processes they wish to achieve and the system builds an automatic quote. The bidding process in the worlds of services is very complex and takes a lot of time, Zoma automates this process based on previous projects, historical company information and market benchmarks.