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Mind the Tech London 2023
SolCold: Cooling everything under the sun - without power consumption

Yaron Shenhav, CEO
(צילום: חגי דקל)

Company name: SolCold Ltd
Full name: Yaron Shenhav
Position: CEO
Field of business: Energy
Founders: Yaron Shenhav, Prof. Guy Ron, Gadi Grottas
Company description: SolCold developed an innovative, patented, nano-technological coating that cools everything under the sun, without any power consumption! The material uses the sunlight and the skyline for cooling and is most effective when it is very hot and the sun is strongest. The material can be used as a coating for cooling cars, buildings, containers, apparels, airplanes, etc., and is expected to bring tremendous savings in cooling and air-conditioning expenses and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Year founded: 2016
Funding round: A+
Amount raised: $14.5 million
Investors: Chartered group, Sanyo Trading, Zeevi group, Private investors
Number of employees: 18
SolCold was part of the Israeli startup squad that participated in Calcalist's Mind the Tech London 2023 conference. Calcalist's "Dream Team" to London included early-stage startup companies in various fields. The startups joined the official delegation in its journey to London and took part in roundtable discussions at the event, presenting their companies to senior executives from the British and international tech industries.