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גל בר דעה מנכל הבנק הדיגיטלי

“People are willing to pay to receive personal service and not feel alone in the financial world”

13.03.23|Shaked Green
According to Gal Bar Dea, CEO of the digital bank One Zero, "today’s machines can do 95% of what a person can do, but there is the other 5% that only humans can do." The interview with Bar Dea was held ahead of Tuesday's “The power of AI in banking” conference
גל בר דעה מנכל הבנק הדיגיטלי

“It’s like David going up against Goliath. The top three Israeli banks will change, and we’ll be part of it”

12.09.21|Diana Bahur-Nir
He pledges to pay higher interest on deposits and take lower interest on loans, and is certain that banking’s big bang is right around the corner. Gal Bar Dea, the CEO of First Digital Bank, is counting on people wanting to walk around in “I Love My Bank” T-shirts
גל בר דעה מנכ"ל הבנק הדיגיטלי הראשון

Get ready to leave your old bank behind

22.06.21|Gal Bar Dea
“It is possible to be faster, stronger, smarter, and more efficient, and build the bank we have always been waiting for,” writes Gal Bar Dea, CEO of Israel’s First Digital Bank