14 stories about Malware
האקר האקרים סייבר מחשב מחשבים טכנולוגיה טכנולוגי פריצה פריצות מטריקס גנב פושע

Millions of passwords stolen by cybercriminals exposed by activist hacker

02.09.21|Omer Kabir
An explosive database with millions of login passwords to countless websites, including to a security company’s “safe” was discovered by Noam Rotem
תומר שמר Portnox

Cyberattacks in living rooms have become the new normal

15.08.21|Tomer Shemer
How can we prevent remote work from becoming a hacker’s paradise?
Shimon Oren Deep Instinct

Deep Instinct identifies top 5 ransomware attacks in the first half of 2021

02.08.21|James Spiro
Mid-year threat landscape report has highlighted some of the ways that organizations and individuals are at risk online
Assaf Dahan Cybereason אסף דהן

Cybereason uncovers North Korean malware used against companies around the world

02.11.20|James Spiro
Researchers at the cybersecurity firm identified a new spyware suite dubbed KGH_SPY, used by a group with North Korean ties
אבטחת מידע סייבר גלישה בטוחה מנעול

Report: Iranian hacking group launched concentrated attack on Israeli companies

18.10.20|Raphael Kahan
ClearSky and Profero, who identified the attack said hackers launched fake ransomware attacks, aimed at encrypting company data
מחשב נייד סייבר

Israeli and Russian researchers reveal rare malware that targets UEFI firmware

06.10.20|Raphael Kahan
Hackers associated with China used the difficult-to-remove malware to spy on diplomats and NGOs, say Kaspersky researchers
כנס סייבר 2020 אופיר הרפז

Israeli researcher uncovers wide-scale cyberattack on the U.S. and Europe

20.08.20|James Spiro
The attack, named FritzFrog, was designed to exploit weak passwords and infiltrate infrastructure systems
בניין משרד הבטחון ב תל אביב הקרייה

North Korea was behind the foiled hack into the heart of Israel’s defense establishment

13.08.20|Raphael Kahan
The attack is part of an ongoing campaign by the notorious Lazarus Group trying to steal data and money in the service of Pyongyang
מוסף 50 הסטארטאפים המבטיחים הנהלת סייבריזון סייבריזן cybereason

Cybereason Detected Credit Card Malware Attack That Stole Tens of Millions of Dollars

11.12.19|Adi Pick
The Israeli Cybersecurity company said the attack, which targeted the PoS systems of financial, manufacturing, and retail companies in Europe and the U.S., resembled previous attacks by cybercrime group FIN6
מימין שלו חוליו ו עמרי לביא  מייסדי NSO

NSO Denies Using WhatsApp to Infect Hundreds of Users With Surveillance Malware

30.10.19|Omer Kabir, Hagar Ravet, and Adi Pick
WhatsApp and its parent company Facebook are suing Israeli surveillance company NSO, according to an op-ed published Tuesday by the Washington Post, which was authored by Whatsapp CEO Will Cathcart
גיא כספי deep instinct

HP Installing Malware Protection by Israeli Startup Deep Instinct on all PCs

28.05.19|Adi Pick
As of Sunday, each new HP computer will come installed with Deep Instinct’s technology
ריאד סעודיה ערב הסעודית

Amnesty International Says Israeli Developed Spyware Was Used to Target a Saudi Rights Activist

01.08.18|Lilach Baumer
The spyware developed by NSO Group has been allegedly used in the past to target human rights activists and opposition in the UAE and Mexico
ClearSky קליר סקיי חדש

Iranian Hackers Have Set Up a News Outlet to Court Possible Targets, Security Firm Says

05.12.17|Omer Kabir
Hacker group “Charming Kitten” used false identities to ferret out information, says Israel-based cybersecurity firm ClearSky