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ד״ר צחון בנטואיץ׳ מייסד משותף של קיוריס Quris AI

Pharma giant Merck expands collaboration with Quris-AI

28.09.23|Meir Orbach
This follows the successful initial collaboration, a preclinical study to assess Quris-AI’s ability to predict drug toxicity in comparison to traditional in vitro and in vivo approaches
Larisa Amir 20

“Pharma companies need to capitalize on early-stage breakthrough innovation.”

Collaboration is key for pharmaceutical companies as they seek to make the drug development process more efficient and successful, says Larisa Amir, managing director of Merck’s R&D Center.
Larisa Amir

Larisa Amir appointed Managing Director of Merck R&D Center in Israel

Amir will be responsible for managing the center and will also focus on in-house innovation and external scouting for technologies and biotechnology capabilities in Israeli startups, academia, and hospitals