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מוסף שבועי 4.11.21  ד"ר שלומית יהודאי־רשף וד"ר ענבל צפיר־לביא

The FemTech revolution: 7 Israeli companies making headlines in women’s health

21.06.22|Noa Gadot
From smart contraceptives to AI powered diagnosis, the global FemTech market size is expected to grow from $28B in 2021 to $33B in 2022 according to The Business Research Company
Keren Leshem

Her body – not her choice: Technology’s role in the face of government conservatism

07.06.22|Keren Leshem
“There is an ominous need to have differentiated care delivery for women owing to diverse physiology and their role in society,” writes Keren Leshem, CEO of OCON Healthcare