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אודי מוקדי מנכ"ל מייסד סייברארק

“The NSO incident does not harm the reputation of Israeli cyber”

15.11.21|Sophie Shulman
CyberArk chief Udi Mokady believes Israel’s position as a cyber powerhouse is safe, and that "our grandchildren will also deal with cybersecurity”
סייבר טק 2020 אודי מוקדי

CTalk: Our Job Isn’t Only to Protect Corporations, But Also Assist With Digital Transformations, Says CyberArk CEO

Udi Mokady, co-founder and CEO of information security company CyberArk, spoke to CTech reporter Adi Pick at the CyberTech Global conference taking place in Tel Aviv this week
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Investors’ Honeymoon with Early Stage Cybersecurity Startups to End, Says CyberArk CEO

05.11.17|Raphael Kahan
Fresh off strong third quarter results CyberArk’s co-founder and CEO Udi Mokady, says cybersecurity entrepreneurs can no longer raise rounds with just a PowerPoint deck