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אביב וולף  מנכ״ל ״רימילק״

Got milk? Remilk founder: "In this climate crisis, the dairy industry has no right to exist"

28.05.23|Shani Ashkenazi
Israeli startup Remilk will soon join forces with local dairy company Tara to bring dairy products to the shelves that are not produced from animals. Founder Aviv Wolff shares why he chose to go with the dairy companies and not against them
אביב וולף  מנכ״ל ״רימילק״

General Mills using Remilk's tech to produce animal-free cheese

16.01.23|Shani Ashkenazi
The American food giant has begun marketing in supermarkets in the United States cream cheeses based on the protein of the Israeli foodtech startup, which does not contain animal components
Omri Paz

“I was obsessed growing up with what's right and what's not right, finding justice.”

With Vegan Friendly, Omri Paz tells Michael Matias he is helping animals, the planet, and people’s health.