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כנס פריז פאנל מימין סופי שולמן כתבת כלכליסט ג'וזה סולזר סמנכ"לית השקעות קבוצת Dassault יובל כהן שותף מנהל פורטיסימו סטפני בנסימון מנהלת תחום נדל״ן וחברת הנהלה Ardian

"The business sector continues to succeed because of companies' value proposition"

27.05.24|Irit Avisar
Yuval Cohen, managing partner at Fortissimo Capital, was speaking on a panel as part of the Calcalist and Bank Hapoalim business delegation to Paris. "Right now Israel is winning in the business world, but that does not mean this will always be the case."
יובל כהן Stageone Ventures

“The lesson that actually goes from those days till today is that everything is about people; it's all about people"

Yuval Cohen, co-founder of StageOne Ventures, talks to Michael Matias about seed investing and building companies from scratch
ועידת ברלין 2019 B2B יובל כהן STAGEONE

Young Companies Have an Advantage in These Challenging Times, Says StageOne Founder

Yuval Cohen, founder and managing partner at Israel-based venture capital firm StageOne Ventures, answered six questions about the Covid-19 crisis and its effects on the Israeli tech sector