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Tel Aviv Announces Plan to Make Train Stations More Accessible

Construction is planned in conjunction with the 2025 launch of Tel Aviv's light rail lines

Anat Danieli 09:2024.08.18
The city of Tel Aviv, in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Transportation, The Ayalon Highway company, and Israel Railways corporation Ltd. presented a new plan designed to make train stations in and around the city more accessible. The plan is set for completion in conjunction with the planned 2025 launch of Tel Aviv's light rail lines.


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The plan’s primary objective is to make the various Israel Railways and light rail stations more accessible to pedestrians, cyclists, and to people traveling to the train stations by public transportation. It includes the construction of new bike lanes, broader and shaded sidewalks, separate lanes for public transportation, designated parking for bikes, and passenger pickup and drop off areas.


An illustration of the planned accessibility project An illustration of the planned accessibility project
According to Tel Aviv Deputy Mayor Meital Lehavi, a collaboration between the various transportation agencies was necessary since many train stations in the area are disconnected from their surroundings and are difficult to access. A change of perception that places the train stations at the center, planning the space around them is necessary to better serve passengers, she said.


According to Israel Railways data, more than 100,000 passengers pass through Tel Aviv train stations each day.



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