The Israeli Government's New Diet

New dietary guidelines ban the serving of sweetened sodas, candies, and pastries in government meetings and events

Amarelle Wenkert 17:1125.02.19
The Israeli government is tightening the belt with new dietary guidelines. Published last week by Israel’s Civil Service Commission (CSC), the new guidelines detail what refreshments can and cannot be served in government meetings and events. Per the new guidelines, fresh fruits and vegetables, unsweetened yogurt, and rice crackers are in. Sodas, candies, and pastries are out. Israeli daily newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth first reported on the new dietary guidelines Monday morning.


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The new directive is designed to fizzle out the serving of high-calorie, fatty, and high-sodium foods in official government functions, and applies to all government offices including the Israeli parliament, courts, government-operated hospitals, and the tax authority offices.

Burekas. Photo: Shutterstock Burekas. Photo: Shutterstock


One of the foods that have been excommunicated by the CSC is the burekas, a popular savory pastry commonly served in meetings and events. The burekas has been repeatedly singled out in talks about diet and nutrition due to its high-fat content and its widespread popularity. In recent years, it has been ceremoniously pronounced banned from such places as school cafeterias, hospitals, and even the Israeli parliament’s lunchroom.


The new directives are part of a broader push by the Israeli Ministry of Health to promote healthy choices over highly processed, unhealthy foods.
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