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CTech's Thursday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

Palestinian Landowners Sue The Israeli Settlers Suing Airbnb; Vinsent aims to democratize the centuries-old tradition of trading in wine futures

CTech 15:3221.03.19
Palestinian Landowners Sue The Israeli Settlers Suing Airbnb. In November, a group of 18 Americans filed a lawsuit in Delaware against Airbnb following the company's announcement that it will be removing approximately 200 listing in Israeli settlements from its service. Read more
An Israeli settlement in the West Bank. Photo: Shutterstock An Israeli settlement in the West Bank. Photo: Shutterstock
Vinsent aims to democratize the centuries-old tradition of trading in wine futures. An Israeli startup has drawn inspiration from a Bordeaux tradition to create a blockchain-based platform for buying—and trading—in wine that has yet to be bottled. Read more


Israel mulling tourist tax. Currently levied by 42 countries, tourist taxes are paid by non-citizens entering a country to help combat the negative effects of over-tourism and to invest in tourism-related government projects and initiatives. Read more


Israeli Industry Conference | Nvidia CEO to speak at Calcalist’s annual Israeli Industry Conference in Tel Aviv. Nvidia co-founder and CEO Jensen Huang will be speaking alongside Mellanox CEO Eyal Waldman. Read more


Spyware by NSO used to target slain Mexican journalist’s wife, report says. Israeli NSO develops spyware that can remotely take over a smartphone and gain access to calls, messages, and any other data stored on the device. Read more


Guesty raises $35 million to make life easier for hosts in online vacation rental services. The company’s online management service lets hosts listing properties on multiple platforms including Airbnb,, and Agoda manage listings. Re ad more


Abraham Hostels to expand with $6.9 million investment. The company intends to use the investment to open new locations near the Dead Sea, the Israeli resort town of Eilat, and additional locations in Jerusalem. Read more


Driver assistance systems actually help, says driver assistance systems maker Mobileye. The Intel-owned chipmaker recently conducted a test of its systems with U.S. nonprofit The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, using the vehicles of 21 IIHS employees. Read more


Korea's BioLeaders to invest $10 million in Weizmann Institute anti-cancer therapy. BioLeaders has agreed to commit $10 million towards a company being spun off of Yeda Research and Development, Weizmann’s technology transfer arm. Read more


Customer engagement startup Yellzz raises $1 million. Yellzz develops a technology that connects potential clients searching online with relevant available service providers. Read more


Arcade game management startup Tigapo raises $1 million. Tigapo’s system digitizes the payment and management of coin-operated machines such as arcade games and vending machines. Read more


First Anthropologie store opens in Tel Aviv. Anthropologie boasts more than 200 locations throughout the U.K., France, Germany, Spain, and the U.S. Read more  
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