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These Are the Startups Selected to Showcase Their Technology in Berlin (Part 1)

The first group of startups selected to participate in CTech and Calcalist's upcoming Conference in Berlin revealed: PointGrab, Syte, Flytrex, GOARC, Sixdof Space, Qsee, Anzu, Agrowing, TriEye, Percepto

CTech 10:2628.01.20


On February 26, 2020, top tier business executives, entrepreneurs, and government representatives from Israel and Germany will gather in Berlin to take part in WeTech Berlin 2020, an exclusive innovation conference. The conference will include a series of unique encounters and discussions on topics with a focus on innovation and tech, business ties with Israel, investment opportunities, and more. During the conference, professional speakers will examine the ways in which tech and innovation manifest in various fields, from cyber and property-tech, to finance and artificial intelligence.


For more information on the conference and for registration, click here

WeTech Berlin 2020 WeTech Berlin 2020



As part of the conference, CTech and Calcalist will host a Meet & Pitch event at which Israeli entrepreneurs and growth-stage companies will meet with top European executives and venture capitalists.


A delegation of selected Israeli startups that will showcase their technologies and meet with local investors and strategic partners in European and German-based corporations.The exclusive invite-only B2B event will be held as part of the conference and will bring together entrepreneurs and investors for personal meetings in a speed dating format.


Israeli startups from the fields of urban-tech, AI and big data, prop-tech, tech for good, cyber and intelligence tech, are welcome to apply by emailing omer.vermouth@calcalist.co.il.


Below are 10 of the startups selected to showcase their technology in Berlin.



Founded: 2008

Founders: Haim Perski, Saar Wilf

Investors: BB Investments, Signify (formerly Philips Lighting), EMV

Funding to date: $10 million


Building automation startup Glassbox PointGrab Inc. (PointGrab) develops smart monitoring sensors that provide a count and location of people within a given space, without violating their privacy. The company’s technology enables businesses to obtain and manage information on how workers or customers use their premises.

PointGrab's co-founder Saar Wilf. Photo: Orel Cohen PointGrab's co-founder Saar Wilf. Photo: Orel Cohen



Founded: 2015

Founders: Ofer Fryman, Lihi Pinto Fryman, Idan Pinto, Helge Voss

Investors: Viola, Magma

Funding to date: $30 million


Syte-Visual Conception Ltd. offers shopping suggestions based on image recognition software. Users can upload an image of an outfit and the company’s technology breaks it down to its components, suggesting similar items to those pictured from multiple retailers. Shoppers can also upload photos of their own clothes and receive various styling recommendations from Syte.


Syte's co-founders. Photo: Ariel Geifman Syte's co-founders. Photo: Ariel Geifman



Founded: 2013

Founders: Yariv Bash, Amit Regev

Investors: BGV, Btov Partners, Joey Low, Daniel Aegerter, Daniel Gutenberg

Funding to date: $11 million


Drone delivery startup Flytrex Aviation Ltd. provides drone delivery services to various kinds of businesses. The company’s device can be attached to the drone, allowing operators to remotely control it using a mobile app. The company's device enables fast deliveries to individuals and businesses and can access areas that are hard to reach by car.


Flytrex's drone. Photo: Flytrex Aviation Flytrex's drone. Photo: Flytrex Aviation




Founded: 2018

Founders: Rami Refaeli, Nadav Herz

Investors: Ham-Let Group


Qsee develops software that combines machine learning and AI technologies to predict product quality in process manufacturing plants and prevent defects in the early stages of the manufacturing process. Qsee aims to reduce the costs of manufacturing operations by 20%


Qsee's co-founder Nadav Herz. Photo: Qsee Ltd Qsee's co-founder Nadav Herz. Photo: Qsee Ltd




Founded: 2017

Founders: Itamar Benedy, Ben Fenster, Michael Badichi

Investors: WPP, Axel Springer Digital Ventures, Bitkraft Esports Ventures

Funding to date: $8 million


Tel Aviv-based adtech startup Anzu.io Inc. develops technology for running targeted ad campaigns within video games. The technology optimizes common creative advertising elements, such as images, banners, videos, and HTML5 ads, and blends them into games without disrupting user experience and gameplay.


Anzu's co-founder Michael Badichi. Photo: Anzu.io Anzu's co-founder Michael Badichi. Photo: Anzu.io




Founded: 2014

Founders: Ira Dvir, Nitzan Rabinowitz

Investors: Agrichem Ltd.

Funding to date: undisclosed


Agrowing Ltd. develops a technology that turns traditional DSLR cameras into multispectral cameras for use in drones in the agriculture industry. The company’s technology synchronizes the points of view of multiple cameras using a single sensor to achieving higher quality, more stabilized photos and images.




Founded: 2015

Founders: Dror Barak, Haim Srur, Chani Gur-Arie

Investors: undisclosed

Funding to date: $7 million


GOARC Ltd. develops and markets a cloud-based workplace safety service for both employees and managers. The company’s technology collects data from various sources such as industrial-internet-of-Things (IIoT) systems and enterprise systems, and reports them back to operators, employees, and managers as scripts and safety guidelines.

GOARC founders Hani Gur-Arie (left), Dror Barak, Haim Srur. Photo: PR GOARC founders Hani Gur-Arie (left), Dror Barak, Haim Srur. Photo: PR



Founded: 2017

Founders: Avi Bakal, Uriel Levy, Omer Kapach

Investors: Intel Capital, Porsche Ventures, Grove Ventures, Marius Nacht

Funding to date: $22 million


TriEye Ltd. develops shortwave imaging technology that helps vehicles function better under diverse weather and light conditions. TriEye is chaired by Dov Moran, co-founder and CEO of USB flash drive developer M-Systems Inc., acquired by SanDisk for $1.6 Billion in 2006.


TriEye founders Uriel Levy (left) Avi and Omer Kapach. Photo: David Garb TriEye founders Uriel Levy (left) Avi and Omer Kapach. Photo: David Garb


Sixdof Space

Founded: 2017

Founders: Mark Goldfarb, Daniel Greenspan, Klony Lieberman

Investors: Israel Innovation Authority

Funding to date: $3.2 million


Sixdof Space, incorporated as Six Degrees Space Ltd., offers an indoor high speed optical tracking system that combines algorithms and optical sensor technologies. Sixdof Space’s system can be installed on existing light fixtures, enabling customers to determine the location and positioning of objects at high speeds without having to make drastic infrastructure changes.


Klony Lieberman (left) Mark Goldfarb and Daniel Greenspan. Photo: Sixdof Space Klony Lieberman (left) Mark Goldfarb and Daniel Greenspan. Photo: Sixdof Space



Founded: 2014

Founders: Dor Abuahsira, Sagi Blonder, Raviv Raz, Ariel Avitan

Investors: USVP, NHN, Spider Capital, Emerge

Funding to date: $27.5 million

Percepto's co-founders. Photo: PR Percepto's co-founders. Photo: PR


Percepto, incorporated as Vision Cortex Ltd., develops computer vision and automation software for on-site autonomous drone systems for infrastructures and industrial sites. The company’s drone launches from a charging box and operates autonomously, without the need for human intervention, performing a number of security, safety, and inspection tasks essential for large industrial sites. It also collects aerial video and snapshots, transmitting data to personnel on the ground in real-time.