This Startup Harnesses the Power of the Sun to Make Things Cool

SolCold uses nanotechnology to create a coating material that uses sunlight to give a cooling effect to cars, buildings, planes, and even clothing items or electronic devices

Adi Pick 17:5910.02.20
Climate change and its dire consequences have been making more and more headlines in recent months. According to data released by the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection in December, the average temperature in Israel is expected to increase by 1.2 degrees Celsius by the end of 2050, and rainfall will decrease by 15%-25% by the end of the century. While many companies have begun using solar panels to produce energy from increased sunlight, Israel-based startup SolCold Ltd. harnesses the sun’s heat to create a cooling effect.


SolCold uses nanotechnology to create a coating material that uses sunlight to cool down cars, buildings, planes, and even clothing items and electronic devices, SolCold co-founder and CEO Yaron Shenhav said in a Sunday interview with Calcalist.
SolCold executives. Photo: SolCold SolCold executives. Photo: SolCold
SolCold's material absorbs the solar radiation emitted from the sun and then reflects it at higher wavelengths, thus lowering the temperature.


The company’s technology can be used in many different products, including in mobile phones and computers to prevent overheating, Shenhav said.


The company’s material comes in two forms, as fresh paint which can be applied on any surface,or as a thin layer that comes in the form of a roll, similar to aluminum foil, Shenhav said.


SolCold is currently conducting its final round of testing in its offices in the central Israeli town of Ness Ziona, Shenhav said. The company expects its products to hit the market in early 2021, but some companies will receive their first orders in the third quarter of 2020 to begin coating their products, Shenhav said.


SolCold has raised $4.25 million to date and employs a team of 10 people, according to Shenhav.