What Next in the Israel-Iran Cyberwar and Which Innovation Center is Cultivating Cannabis?

CTech Daily Roundup: Thousands of Israeli websites down after suspected massive Iranian cyber attack

CTech 23:0621.05.20
Thousands of Israeli websites down after suspected massive Iranian cyber attack. A group calling itself Hacking Saviours targets sites stored on Upress servers. Read more


Analysis | Experts say today’s hacks are not Iranian retaliation to cyber attack blamed on Israel. Cybersecurity professionals describe website defacements as lowliest form of hacking, likely carried out by teenage activists. Read more


Cannabis. Photo: Shutterstock Cannabis. Photo: Shutterstock


Interview | Will Jerusalem become Israel’s high tech capital? In 2019 alone, $233.5 million were invested in Jerusalem-based companies and startups, a 21% increase from the year before. Read more


CTalk | Even after Covid-19, Zoom and work from home are here to stay, says Viola Ventures’ Danny Cohen. Danny Cohen, general partner at Israeli early-stage venture capital firm Viola Ventures spoke to CTech about what the day after the pandemic will look like. Watch video


New Israeli agtech innovation center to focus on desert and marine agriculture, and cannabis cultivation. The total investment in the planning and establishment of the center will be around $5 million. Read more


IAI graduates first cohort with Starburst accelerator. During the 13-week period, three teams completed proof of concept (PoC) ventures involving robotics, autonomous operation, and artificial intelligence for space and satellite applications. Read more


SynaMedia rents 10,000 square meter office space in Jerusalem. The video tech company leased seven floors in the new 18-story RAD Bynet tower currently under construction at the Har Hotzvim High-Tech park, where it plans to house a new research and development center employing 600 people. Read more


Interview | Pressure to unfreeze markets may open the doors for Israeli tech companies to enter Russia. Moscow trade attache explains the complexities of doing business with the country second hardest hit by Covid-19. Read more


Emergency over? Israel wants to extend phone tracking program that monitors Covid-19’s spread. “The health ministry and the state have become enamored with the ISA’s surveillance,” says leading privacy lawyer. Read more