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10 Israeli companies banking on 5G success

There are currently over 25 companies in Israel working on 5G related tech, from giants like Intel to small early-stage startups

CTech 14:0818.06.20
The dramatic upgrade in telecommunication capabilities provided by 5G, the fifth generation technology standard for cellular networks, is already resulting in a vast variety of solutions that will affect almost every aspect of modern life. It should come as little surprise to anyone who knows the Israeli tech scene that local startups are at the edge of innovation when it comes to 5G technology.


There are currently over 25 companies in Israel working on 5G related tech, from giants like Intel to small early-stage startups.


Here is a list of 10 Israeli companies who are banking on 5G for success (listed by alphabetical order):






Focus: Network intelligence and security as a service


Founded: 1999


CEO: Erez Antebi


Total funding: $26.3 million. Public traded company on Nasdaq (current market cap: $365 million)


Investors: Jerusalem Venture Partners, Partech, Tamir Fishman Ventures, Gemini Israel Ventures


Allot is a global provider of network intelligence and security-as-a-service solutions for service providers and enterprises worldwide, with a focus on enhancing value for its customers. Allot's solutions are deployed globally for network and application analytics, traffic control and shaping, and network-based cybersecurity services. Allot provides its customers with tools to help them learn about users and network behaviors, improve quality of experience, reduce costs, detect and block cybersecurity attacks in order to protect their communication service, and optimize, innovate, and capitalize on every opportunity.


Allot CEO Erez Antebi. Photo: Orel Cohen Allot CEO Erez Antebi. Photo: Orel Cohen




Focus: On-premises mobile cloud solutions


Founded: 2003


CEO: Gilad Garon


Total funding: $42 million.


Investors: Sterlite Technologies, Fornaciari Trust, Taylor Frigon


ASOCS provides on-premises edge cloud solutions to enable unlimited mobile network capacity and secure connectivity for enterprises. The company's solutions also collect and analyze mobile device and IoT data, allowing businesses to deliver and monetize new services and applications. ASOCS serves the retail, real estate, corporate office, hospitality, hospital, and sports and entertainment markets.






Focus: Open-source cloud orchestration platform


Founded: 2014


CEO: Ariel Dan


Total funding: $7.9 million.


Investors: VMware, KPN Ventures, CE Ventures, Claridge Israel, BRM Group 


Cloudify specializes in IT operations automation technology that manages application and network services through open orchestration. The company's Cloudify software enhances the velocity and reliability of software deployment, lifecycle management, and network functions in cloud-native environments. Built and maintained by an open-source community, Cloudify is used by telecoms, internet service providers, financial services firms, e-commerce companies, and others for NFV operations and cloud management and orchestration.




Eye-Net Mobile



Focus: Cellular-based accident prevention solution


Founded: 2018


CEO: Haim Siboni


Total funding: Boostrapped.


Eye-Net is a software-based platform that uses smartphone applications and cellular infrastructure to identify and predict potential traffic collisions. Eye-Net uses advanced algorithms and server architecture to provide real-time alerts. The platform connects all road users' phones and infrastructure to become a vehicle-to-everything network, providing real time alerts and using big data, machine learning, and AI technology to analyze driver behavior and road safety trends and insights. Eye-Net is a wholly owned subsidiary of Foresight Autonomous Holdings.


Mantis Vision CEO Gur Arie Bitan. Photo: Amit Shaal Mantis Vision CEO Gur Arie Bitan. Photo: Amit Shaal
Mantis vision



Focus: 3D technology for the mobile world


Founded: 2005


CEO: Gur Arie Bitan


Total funding: $77.2 million.


Investors: Samsung Catalyst Fund, Luenmei Quantum, Qualcomm Ventures


Mantis Vision is a 3D technology company that provides 3D scan solutions and structured light sensor technology. The company's virtual-reality technology enables next-generation depth vision, 3D face recognition for mobile phones, and more. The company's solution addresses depth sensing and processing needs such as auto-calibration, high-quality registration, segmentation, virtual-reality/mixed-reality shading, and data compression and streaming. The result is that any user can capture a static or dynamic object, person, or scene of choice in different ambient light conditions and instantly edit, share, and stream the real volumetric content to any 2D/3D/mixed-reality/virtual-reality platform.






Focus: Data analytics for communications and media service providers


Founded: 1993


CEO: Eynav Azaria


Total funding: $6.1 million.


Investors: N/A


Panorama is a software company that offers business intelligence solutions. Its flagship product, Necto, integrates artificial intelligence and machine-learning technologies to provide modern self-service analytics with out-of-the-box reports, dashboards, and predictive and prescriptive insights. The platform can be integrated into any network, operations support system, business support system, and IoT solution to transform communications service provider data into actionable insights that boost revenues; increase lifetime value; and streamline processes.


SQream CEO Ami Gal. Photo: SQream SQream CEO Ami Gal. Photo: SQream



Focus: Big Data analytics database


Founded: 2010


CEO: Ami Gal


Total funding: $35.7 million.


Investors: Alibaba Group, Silvertech Ventures, World Trade Ventures, Glory Ventures, Hanaco Venture Capital, Sistema VC, Blumberg Capital, Paradiso Ventures


SQream Technologies delivers a high-performing SQL database powered by a graphics processing unit (GPU). The database is designed to quickly resolve issues with big data and complex analytics in order to help businesses interact dynamically with their digital assets. SQream enables businesses to easily ingest, store, and analyze hundreds of terabytes of data easily and in near-real time.






Focus: Intelligent visual customer assistance solution


Founded: 2014


CEO: Eitan Cohen


Total funding: $23.5 million.


Investors: Scale Venture Partners, Salesforce Ventures, Planven Investments, Comdata, OurCrowd


TechSee provides a cognitive visual assistance solution powered by augmented reality and computer-vision artificial intelligence. It enables service teams to deliver visual customer experiences that reduce effort and operational costs, enhance quality, and create intelligent fully automated services over time.






Focus: Automotive collision avoidance system


Founded: 2019


CEO: Gabi Ofir


Total funding: Seed N/A


Viziblezone turns the mobile devices of vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists, scooter drivers, etc.) into life-saving devices. Using pedestrians' mobile devices as a source of real-time human behavioral data, Viziblezone offers an AI-assisted vehicle/pedestrian collision avoidance system. Viziblezone's solution provides critical information to help reduce the effects of drivers'

lack of situational awareness on roads.






Focus: Modular drone monitoring and mitigation suite


Founded: 2009


CEO: Nir Raz


Total funding: Seed N/A


Vorpal is the developer of VigilAir, a non-transmitting RF-based drone location and mitigation solution. VigilAir provides long-range, highly accurate drone situational awareness and is integrated with advanced counter-UAS and mitigation capabilities. The solution helps protect airspace safety, enhances perimeter security, and supports the complex operation of drones within the UTM framework. VigilAir detects, geolocates, and tracks drones by passive RF geolocation of their command-and-control and data transmissions, providing aerial situational awareness with exceptional clarity.