SOSA partners with Brazil’s industry leaders for Covid-19 response

The Israeli open innovation company will work alongside the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) in Brazil

James Spiro 14:2706.07.20
Amid Covid-19 cases rising in Brazil and Israel, a partnership between SOSA and Brazil’s National Confederation of Industry (CNI) is set to improve innovation between the two countries. The two organizations have been amicable for around two years and have now made their collaboration official.


The partnership will enable CNI’s corporate members to collaborate with tech startups in Tel Aviv and New York, as well as open up opportunities to help disrupt some of the technology developed outside of Brazil.
SOSA CEO Uzi Scheffer. Photo: Ilya Melnikov SOSA CEO Uzi Scheffer. Photo: Ilya Melnikov


It is expected to highlight the nature of Brazil’s industrial sector, while also taking into account a variety of cultural, economic, and lingual factors. CNI plays a big part in Brazillian society by highlighting national issues and how they impact the country’s economy.


SOSA is an open innovation company with centers in Tel Aviv, New York, and London. It supports programs designed to help startups, governments, corporations, and entrepreneurs build strong relationships and helps them identify and implement new technology. CNI represents the Brazillian industry as a whole, working with the country’s government to represent unions and enterprises.


“Our global expansion strategy is based on two principles,” explained Uzi Scheffer, CEO of SOSA in an interview with CTech. “One is to expand to places where we can access first in class technologies. The second is to expand to places where there is significant demand and large industry players. I believe Brazil qualifies for the second one, but also for the first one because there are a lot of technology companies in Brazil, and a lot of startups.”

Corporations in Brazil will benefit from tech scouting abilities, private workshops, curated events, and receive access to the latest tech trends from around the world. For its startups, it will offer entrance into the Tel Aviv and New York tech ecosystems, often promoting panel sessions, roundtables, or workshops to enhance their skills.


“Partnering with SOSA is a significant stepping stone for us,” said Robson Andrade, President of CNI. “Fostering innovation is essential to boosting Brazil’s economy, and leveraging SOSA’s expertise in harnessing global innovation changes the game for the Brazilian industry.”