Kenshoo to acquire Signals Analytics to help brands in ‘the era of digital acceleration’

The intelligence platform will help brands make smarter and faster decisions by connecting insights with performance marketing

James Spiro 15:2617.12.20

After speculation arose last month about a potential purchase, the companies confirmed on Thursday that Israeli company Kenshoo Ltd. is set to acquire Signals Analytics. While the sum of the acquisition was not revealed, their intention is clear: to help brands catch up with accelerated e-commerce adoption in the Covid-19 era.


Kenshoo is a marketing platform that helps brands plan, activate, and measure their growth strategies. It combines data-driven insights and optimization to help enterprises make decisions. Signal Analytics, on the other hand, extracts context from data to detect trends and predict insights from sources such as scientific research, social media, e-commerce websites, and more. The company reported earnings of upwards of $120 million and has been profitable for several years with double-digit growth. Kenshoo employs 600 people around the world, 250 of them in Israeli development centers. It is currently recruiting additional personnel in Israel.


Gil Sadeh and Yoav Izhar-Prato: Photo: PR Gil Sadeh and Yoav Izhar-Prato: Photo: PR


“Given the exponential growth we are experiencing in performance marketing, specifically around e-commerce, Kenshoo sees firsthand how brands make decisions to bring products to market online,” said Kenshoo CEO and Co-Founder Yoav Izhar-Prato. “The channel discussion is changing from media platforms to distribution types—Direct-to-Consumer or Retail—and we are relied upon to support those decisions. We looked for a powerful platform that best captured holistic consumer and market insights by connecting external data sets layered with cutting-edge, advanced analytics capabilities, and we found both in Signals Analytics.”


“Signals Analytics was founded on the premise that more sound, timely market intelligence could improve business outcomes as a critical bridge to fast-moving customers,” added Gil Sadeh, Signals Analytics Co-Founder and CEO. “ By connecting these signals in a robust, configurable data fabric using patented AI and natural language processing, we have helped some of the world’s most discernible consumer brands accelerate product innovation, improve launch metrics, support marketing teams and ultimately drive growth.”

It is understood that the acquisition will help establish an AI-powered platform that connects internal and external data sets to surface insights across the entire marketing value chain. The hope is that Kenshoo will help enterprise clients to make stronger predictions.


Kenshoo was founded in 2006 by Izhar-Prao, Alon Sheafer, Amos Talmor, and Nir Cohen. It has raised $60 million. Signals analytics was founded by Sadah and Kobi Gershoni in 2009 and has raised a total of $55 million.