Pangea to help Israeli companies find ‘Green Pass’ forgers

With nearly half the Israeli population vaccinated, Green Passes are in hot demand

James Spiro 13:3724.03.21

Supplier of digital identity, security, and e-payment solutions, Pangea, has announced its latest solution designed to help enterprises automatically detect whether their workers or visitors carry a valid Covid-19 ‘Green Pass’ that proves their immunity to the virus following two doses of the vaccinations.


Pangea’s Covid-19 access control system can quickly identify whether a Green Pass is valid and whether that person is the correct holder of the pass. Since passes appear on mobile devices in the form of a digital QR code, it can be possible for friends to easily share a screenshot of a valid pass to use by multiple people at various locations. Hundreds of counterfeit passes have been revealed in recent weeks, but Pangea’s system bypasses this by conducting facial recognition at the entrance to the building and corresponding it to the organizations’ licensed database which includes photos of employees.


Asaf Kaminer, executive Vice President at Pangea. Photo: David Garb Asaf Kaminer, executive Vice President at Pangea. Photo: David Garb


“Large organizations such as banks and insurance companies, that employ hundreds and even thousands of workers have to let employees enter the offices while ensuring the health of all of the employees and visitors,” said Asaf Kaminer, executive Vice President at Pangea. “Companies’ managements find it exceedingly difficult to monitor the vaccination status of so many employees on a daily basis, but our new automated system will help managements cope with this challenge and help countries over the globe open up their economies in a safe manner.”


As Israel opens its economy following the world’s most successful Covid-19 recovery, the country introduced the concept of a Green Pass to offer to those who have been vaccinated or fully recovered from Covid-19. At time of writing, 5.1 million citizens are eligible for the pass out of a population of 9.3 million. For those who have patiently waited for leisure to open up again following the country’s third national lockdown, the desire to sneak in somewhere they’re not yet able to go can be tempting.

Other countries are also moving forward with their own immunity passport programs. For example, the European Union may introduce a digital document that would show a traveler’s Covid-19 status, and China has launched a digital certificate service for its 1.3 billion citizens.


Pangea IT was founded in 1995 by Rafi Kaminer and Sharon Weizman-Avidar, who serve as CEO and COO. It specializes in the digital transformation of government services and enterprise business operations. It also provides solutions against fraud, data theft, and security breaches and aids law enforcement in keeping communities safe. In a post-Covid world, Pangea can see its new system be deployed at malls, restaurants, and cinemas to detector Green Pass fraud.