Yoav Ramot

"Japanese companies aren't just interested in Israeli tech, but also in our way of thinking"

Having lived in Japan for 13 years, Yoav Ramot, the Israeli founder & CEO of Million Steps, shares how his company bridges cultural differences to connect Israeli and Japanese companies

Yoav Ramot
(Shmulik Dudfur)

"Million steps is a company I founded here in Japan, where I have lived for 13 years in total," Yoav Ramot, the Israeli CEO of Million Steps told CTech at the Israel-Japan Conference in Tokyo. "What we do is connect between Japanese and Israeli companies."
When asked what areas or sectors Million Steps focuses on, Ramot explained: "Whatever Israel has a competitive advantage in. Most often it depends on the Japanese side's demand. So, obviously we deal in the software area, AI, sensors, industrial IoT technologies, etc."
Regarding the cultural differences between Israel and Japan, Ramot draws on his own personal experience. "I first came here to Japan when I was 13 and lived here for five years before returning to Israel at the age of 18, and then returned to Japan a few years later where I now live. So I know both cultures very well. I also speak Japanese."
Commenting on the growing Japanese business interest in Israel, Ramot said: "A lot of Japanese companies are realizing that they need technologies that they are not best suited to develop, especially in software, AI, etc., so they're looking for the Israeli mind. It's not just the technology, but also the way of thinking, the ideas coming from the Israeli side."
You can watch the full interview in the video above.