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מימין פומיו קישידה אורי לוין הירומי יאמאג'י ועידת טוקיו וידאו

Who's who at the upcoming Israel-Japan Conference

29.05.23|Omer Kabir
The first Israel-Japan conference, hosted by Calcalist and Discount Bank, will include three days of meetings, networking, and lectures with some of the biggest players in the Japanese economy and business sector
אייל אגמוני קרן צ'רטרד ועידת טוקיו 2023

"Israelis are good at creating something from nothing, but the Japanese will take it from two to ten"

23.05.23|Maayan Manela
Eyal Agmoni, Chairman of Chartered Group, spoke to Calcalist ahead of the Israel-Japan conference in Tokyo next week
חמי פרס

Chemi Peres: "Israeli high-tech can learn from the Japanese how to establish a long-term industry"

10.05.23|Maya Nahum Shahal
The Peres Center's joint Israeli-Japanese innovation project, JIIP, will be featured at Calcalist’s conference in Tokyo later this month
Israel Japan conference

The Land of the Rising Sun meets The Nation of Rising Innovation

Calcalist and Discount Bank will host leading members and entrepreneurs of the Israeli financial and high-tech ecosystem and potential investors and partners in Japan during a three-day conference in Tokyo at the end of May
MPower Partners Yumiko

"Japan has come to the point where promoting the startup ecosystem is the number one priority"

09.04.23|James Spiro
Yumiko Murakami, General Partner at MPower Partners, Japan’s first ESG VC fund, spoke with CTech ahead of the first-ever Japan-Israel conference hosted by Calcalist and Discount Bank in May
כלכלת יפן טוקיו חנויות קניות

Japanese investments in Israel fall by almost 50% in 2022

09.02.23|Meir Orbach
Investments in Israel by Japanese funds and companies totaled $1.558 billion in 2022 compared to $2.945 billion in 2021