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Context is King for ActiveFence when fighting bad content online

Noam Schwartz, Co-Founder and CEO at ActiveFence, discusses how to fight online toxicity with technology

“Even mentioning context is a big improvement in the way the industry understands those kinds of things, instead of filtering for keywords or all kinds of known behaviors,” said Noam Schwartz, Co-Founder and CEO at ActiveFence when asked about the practical ways the company helps tech platforms fight against malicious content. “The way we do it is that we are understanding the conversations of bad actors in real-time, where they actually share their content.”
ActiveFence can’t list its customers, but Schwartz confirms that “some of the largest firms in the world” are using its technology to help combat some of the most terrible things on the internet, such as revenge porn, child sexual abuse materials, child endangerment, and terrorist content, both domestic and international. What was once done by identifying simple keywords must now be expanded to include vague dog whistles and specific contexts like age or regional dialects with the help of AI.
“We are helping online platforms of all shapes solve those super hard problems that are keeping their executives, their board members, and their managers and people on the ground up at night,” he concluded. “This is an uphill battle, but there is a solution. There is a way to fight those behaviors and protect the internet.”
You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.