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Report: Israel’s internet is the world’s best value for money

25.01.23|James Spiro
The index was created by ranking 117 countries and territories based on the speed-to-affordability ratios of fixed broadband internet and mobile internet
קידום עסקי אונליין

Report: Israel ranked top in Digital Quality of Life worldwide

13.09.22|James Spiro
Startup Nation jumped three spots in a year due to its overwhelming score in internet affordability in times of high inflation
Melanie Garson Tony Blair

The internet is “at risk of fracturing” amid geopolitical unrest and unregulated tech companies

10.07.22|James Spiro
Technology is both the underlying problem and solution to the world’s biggest challenges off and on the internet, explains Dr. Melanie Garson of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
Noam Schwartz Ctech Unicorn Forum

Context is King for ActiveFence when fighting bad content online

30.06.22|James Spiro
Noam Schwartz, Co-Founder and CEO at ActiveFence, discusses how to fight online toxicity with technology
נדב שובל OpenWeb אופן ווב ממייסדי החברה והמנכ"ל

OpenWeb: “We do the dirty job of the internet - we clean it”

28.02.22|James Spiro
The Israeli unicorn uses machine learning and AI to detect hate speech in internet comment sections while promoting healthy conversations
Digital Life 1

Israel ranked 4th in 2021’s Digital Quality of Life Index

19.09.21|James Spiro
The ranking signals a four-place leap in one year, overtaking the U.S. and Singapore

Google officially announces subsea cable to connect Europe and Asia via Israel

29.07.21|Roee Bergman
The laying of Google's new cable in Israel is possible due to the normalization of diplomatic relations between Israel and the Gulf states
לוטן לבקוביץ' Grove Ventures Lotan Levkowitz

The Internet needs a new sheriff

21.07.21|Lotan Levkowitz
Trust and Safety online is a problem so large and complex that it employs presidents, activists and major advertisers. Tech giants and regulators are extremely concerned and are actively trying to find solutions - a golden opportunity for Israeli startups
מטה בזק מגדלי עזריאלי תל אביב

Israeli telco Bezeq fined over $2 million for misleading consumers about internet speeds

08.04.21|Avior Abou
Consumer Protection and Fair Trade Authority found Bezeq guilty of providing customers internet service at speeds significantly lower than they had been promised
אילון מאסק מייסד טסלה 16.2.21

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet is touching down in Israel

02.03.21|Avior Abou
Elon Musk’s brainchild is expected to become available in the Holy Land in 2022
קניות ברשת קניות באינטרנט כרטיס אשראי

Survey finds Israelis love online shopping but some are hesitant to do so for fear of fraud

While 66% of Israelis plan to purchase online during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, another third is hesitant due to increased fraud, finds survey
איציק בנבנישתי מנכ"ל פרטנר 16.8.20 ועידת Mind The Tech

Revolution, not evolution: CEO of Israeli telco Partner says his company is prepared for 5G

17.08.20|Maayan Manela
"As a forward-thinking company, we want to make sure we are ready to meet the demands of the future," said Isaac Benbensti
מינסק בלארוס הפגנות בחירות

With Belarus’ internet shutdown, Israeli companies cannot communicate with offshore employees

12.08.20|Hagar Ravet and Meir Orbach
Local and international media has placed the blame for the connectivity crisis on the government attempting to dissuade protestors against the president
שירותי אינטרנט

Survey: Digital banking and payments on the rise as Israelis flock online during pandemic

Around 80% of the 808 people surveyed said that they use digital banking services, with an additional 8% only beginning to do so since the arrival of Covid-19
Digital Life 1

With cheap, but only adequate Internet access, Israel ranks 8th in digital quality of life

30.07.20|James Spiro
The 2020 global index by Surfshark ranks the quality of digital life in 85 countries
פריסת סיבים אופטיים של פרטנר

Israeli government offering small businesses grants to connect to fiber-optic internet amidst Covid-19 communications crisis

08.07.20|Avior Abou
Only 30% of Israeli households (800,000) have the infrastructure required to connect to fiber-optic internet, with just 6% (150,000) doing so to date
בית חכם 22.1.20

Over 25% of Israeli Homes Are Smart Homes, Report Says

22.01.20|Avior Abou
Israel’s largest telecom Bezeq released its annual internet usage report on Tuesday
פנאי סרט מלחמת הכוכבים עלייתו של סקייווקר

China, Russia, and the Galactic Empire All Have One Thing in Common: Internet Censorship

31.12.19|Dov Greenbaum
Rather than deposing dictatorships, the internet, through fake news on one hand and legal censorship on the other, now seems to empower them
צ'אק רובינס מנכ"ל סיסקו העולמית

A Silicon Chip Developed in Israel Powers Cisco’s New Router Series

15.12.19|Omer Kabir
Cisco hopes the new router, which it says can handle a rate of 10.8 terabytes a second, will stand at the center of internet carriers’ telecommunication systems, replacing complex clusters of routers and servers that consume vasts amounts of electricity and require significant cooling
בניין מרכזייה בזק מרכזיית בזק תל אביב

Searchlight Makes New Offer to Controlling Shareholder of Israel’s Largest Telecom Bezeq

10.04.19|Golan Hazani
On Sunday, Internet Gold announced it received an $84 million acquisition offer for 100% of its own shares