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Oshi dives into “the new blue ocean of opportunity” with its plant-based salmon

Co-founder and CEO, Ofek Ron, spoke to CTech about its alternative salmon offering - marking a fishy difference from traditional foodtech companies 

“Oshi is the first company in the world that has been able to create the first plant-based salmon in the world, which mimics the same texture, structure, and look of a full cut of a fillet,” explained its Co-Founder and CEO Ofek Ron. “This technology is pretty amazing because it enables us to bring you the same experience as you had before when you ate salmon… It's better, it's healthier, and it's creating a better world for all of us.”
According to Ron, the salmon fisheries are doing a lot of damage and one of the ways the company is trying to help the environment is by trying to bring a better solution where people can eat what they like and helps the ocean thrive. He also confirms that many people give up salmon entirely after eating Oshi’s alternative.
The company spoke to CTech about its offering after being ranked the 18th most promising Israeli startup in 2024. Founded in 2021, it has raised $14.5 million from SOMV, Pitango, TechAviv, OurCrowd, Smart Agro, and Unovis and has now joined other foodtech companies that traditionally offer plant-based meats mirroring beef or chicken.
“It took a lot of years for companies to even start to try to do this product, and we're the first one to actually succeed in doing that and put a product in the market,” he continued. “And actually, people really like it. So we find a new blue ocean of opportunity for companies to now try to do new versions of products that no one has ever seen before.”
You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.