20 stories about Foodtech
סטייק מתורבת אלף פארמס Aleph Cuts

Cultivated meat startup Aleph Farms gets historic approval to sell lab-grown steaks in Israel

17.01.24|Shani Ashkenazi
The Israeli startup, which has raised $140 million to date, collects sample cells from a living animal and then grows more in a cultivator that mimics conditions in the animal's body
Imagindairy founders

Foodtech startup Imagindairy receives FDA approval for animal-free milk proteins

04.01.24|Meir Orbach
Imagindairy creates animal-free milk proteins from microorganisms via proprietary precision-fermentation technology that allows the production of a broad spectrum of dairy analogs, from raw milk to cheese, without involving animals
Wanda Fish team

Wanda Fish raises $7 million in Seed funding to develop bluefin tuna outside of the ocean

The foodtech startup has developed technology to form a 3D filet structure using bluefin tuna cells, differentiated into both muscle and fat tissues
ענת גרוס שון מנכ"לית חטיבת החלב תנובה

Israeli foodtech leading the way in alternative protein innovation

02.10.23|Maya Nahum Shachal
Ahead of the final of Calcalist and Tnuva Ventures' 2023 FoodTech competition, we discussed industry trends with Anat Gross-Shon, CEO of the dairy division at Tnuva
שי כהן מנהל החדשנות וקרן ההשקעות של הקבוצה ו פנינה סברדלוב מנהלת המו"פ של קבוצת תנובה

"Global food security depends on the development of alternative proteins"

12.09.23|Maya Nahum Shahal
FoodTech 2023, a competition sponsored by Calcalist and Tnuva Ventures, seeks game-changing developments for the food industry
Winest Founders

The Winest is here to help us stop whining about wine

The company has raised a total of $800,000 to become a digital sommelier for wine lovers
Brevel team

Brevel completes $18.5 million Seed round to develop alternative protein from microalgae

25.07.23|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup’s technology combines sugar-based fermentation of microalgae with high light concentrations at industrial scales to produce a protein that will be incorporated by food manufacturers into plant-based products

YDLabs selected by Innovation Authority to establish microorganism fermentation labs for Israeli foodtech industry

The Israel Innovation Authority will invest up to $14 million in infrastructure to serve all foodtech companies using fermentation for research, development, and production of their products

Tnuva building industrial cultured meat manufacturing facility

02.03.23|Shani Ashkenazi
Israeli company Plurinuva, which is rebranding under the name Ever After Foods and is owned by Tnuva and Pluristem, is building the plant that is meant to lead to lower production prices, one of the main barriers currently holding back the industry

Israeli foodtech startups rank second in the world in terms of investments

While the slowdown in the markets hurt Israeli tech and led to a decrease of approximately 42% in investments between 2021 and 2022, investments in foodtech companies decreased by only 18%

Meala FoodTech secures $1.9 million pre-Seed round for functional protein platform

The Israeli startup’s technology enables the development of functional proteins for multiple meat replacements
Tal Amir Pigmentum

Pigmentum closes $6 million Seed round for its functional milk proteins

25.01.23|James Spiro
“The ability to produce dairy components from plants has the potential to change the dairy industry and positively impact the world as a whole," said Tal Lutzky, Co-Founder of Pigmentum
מקרר גבינות צהובות ו דברי חלב ב סניף רמי לוי ב בני ברק גבינה צהובה מוצרי חלב

Evigence raises $18 million to track food freshness

The Israeli startup’s management system combines sensors and data analytics to help food brands, retailers, and foodservice to measure and manage the freshness of food in real time across the supply chain
	Ctech forecasts event Noga Sela Shalev

“AI has immense potential for the foodtech sector"

01.01.23|Noa Gadot
"Israel's entrepreneurial culture and being an immigrant society, where we are open to cultures and tastes (fusion), is the basis of our innovation around food," added Noga Sela Shalev, CEO at foodtech incubator Fresh Start

Foodtech startup Equinom raises $35 million

12.12.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli company breeds non-GMO varieties of the plant-based food industry’s primary source crops including pea and soy, optimized specifically for food

Mapping Israel’s foodtech sector

07.12.22|James Spiro
Many are suggesting the appetite is over for the foodtech meal. Israel is showing there’s a bigger thirst than ever
Yishai Meet.The End 20

“The solution is something that each and every one of us can do”

After working for years in government, Meat.The End CEO Yishai Mishor realized that the political arena was not the best place for him to fight climate change
Torr founders

Torr FoodTech raises $12 million Series A to innovate snack bars

The Israeli startup, which came through Strauss Group’s foodtech incubator The Kitchen Hub, has developed technology that combines mechanical pressure and ultrasonic energy to press ingredients together in the production of snack bars and other food products

Foodtech: the morally nutritious sector

14.11.22|James Spiro
There are many industries that seek to change the world, but foodtech has a direct impact on more than just ourselves