Tadiran's air purification technology will be implemented in Calacalist's WorkTech multi-participant conference

Tadiran's unique technology leads to a reduction of up to 99.99% in the concentration of viruses and bacteria in the air

As part of the return to the pre-COVID-19 pandemic routine way of life, and the subsequent return to in-person conferences, the editorial board of the Calcalist newspaper has decided to hold a conference in Israel, which for the first time will provide the participants with bacteria- and virus-free air thanks to the Tadiran air purification system TADIRAN AIROW, which is an add-on system to the HVAC unit. The WorkTech conference will deal with innovation in the workplace and will be held on May 11 at the Sheva complex in Tel Aviv. Although the mandatory obligation to wear a mask in enclosed spaces was recently canceled in Israel, over the course of the last two years many people have adopted hygiene habits that we should continue to adhere to even when the current pandemic is no longer at its peak.
The results of the tests conducted by Tadiran are indicative of the technology's ability to act as an effective means of maintaining air quality and reducing the number of bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19, in enclosed spaces, thus helping to reduce the rate of infection.
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(Photo: Tadiran)
Tadiran's unique technology leads to a reduction of up to 99.99% in the concentration of viruses and bacteria in the air. A study conducted at the Innovative Bioanalysis lab in California recorded a reduction of 99.86% in the concentration of viruses in the air after 60 minutes and after 90 minutes an almost perfect rate of reduction was recorded – 99.998%. The technology’s effectiveness against the coronavirus in the air was examined in a test of a 1m3 closed space, constituting a controlled laboratory simulation for a scenario of effectiveness in larger closed spaces.
The TADIRAN AIROW device can be easily installed in both central and mini-central HVAC systems, and it is designed to purify the air from invisible biological pollutants including viruses, bacteria and mold spores, which are able to penetrate the body via the respiratory system. In this manner, the device contributes to the health of people in any enclosed space – at home, in the office or at social events.
In addition to these advantages, TADIRAN AIROW's technology is maintenance free throughout the product's entire life, in comparison to the other closed-environment air purification solutions that exist on the market.
In addition, Tadiran's technology converts the moisture in the room’s air into hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) molecules that effectively and safely eliminate the bacteria and viruses, such as the coronavirus. This ozone free technology operates in accordance with international standards and is a registered patent in Israel and in additional countries such as the USA, Japan, China and some EU states.
Moshe Mamrud, CEO Tadiran and the company’s controlling shareholder: “Following the return to a normal routine alongside the removal of masks in the public domain, considerable importance should be attributed to the air we breathe in an enclosed space where a large number of people tend to congregate. Tadiran's innovative technology represents a new standard that we should demand for our health and especially in those locations where a very large number of people come together. TADIRAN AIROW’s technology is a significant and effective means in maintaining the quality of the air we breathe and in reducing the volume of bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus, in closed spaces by simply installing it in the HVAC system with absolutely no effort at all.”