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Tadiran's air purification technology will be implemented in Calacalist's WorkTech multi-participant conference

Tadiran's unique technology leads to a reduction of up to 99.99% in the concentration of viruses and bacteria in the air
Rosh Hashana Collage

We asked: 'What was the biggest moment for you this year?'

05.09.21|James Spiro
(Part One) It’s been a crazy year of ups and downs - and Israel’s tech ecosystem is here to answer the question on everyone’s mind
Jarred Gali Hili July4

American Israeli experts share insights on US Independence Day

04.07.21|James Spiro
As Americans celebrate their independence, CTech spoke with three Israelis who live their lives in both nations
Avi Edery and Moshe Mamrud Tadiran

New in Cinema City's theaters: Tadiran's advanced technology air purifiers

A trial held by Tadiran and Cinema City in the cinema theaters with an audience found that the company's Air Care 02 technology purifies about 90% of air pollutants
פאנל מימין דני וקנין איל הופמן רן קורבר כנס חדשנות סביבתית

Companies are more health-aware thanks to Covid-19

Israeli companies are increasingly looking to invest in innovative technologies which improve the environment and people’s health
מוסף שבועי 23.5.19 ד.נ.א. משה ממרוד בעל השליטה ומנכ"ל תדיראן

Covid-19 pushes Tadiran to record results

09.03.21|Yarden Rozanski
With people staying at home more than ever before due to the pandemic, the air conditioner maker has registered record earnings
הסכם יונדאי ותעבורה שי לבנת

Major Israeli and international tech groups launch new innovation center

16.06.20|Meir Orbach
Korea’s Hyundai Group, Israel-based Tadiran and Taavura-Livnat groups., and the Netherlands based-VDL Group, establish Quantum Hub to promote partnerships and growth