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How is Trullion taking accounting into the age of AI?

Trullion Co-Founder and CTO Amir Boldo spoke to CTech about how its company will revolutionize the accounting sector

“When OpenAI introduced ChatGPT, they also published which professions are going to be changed by the technology. And accountants was one of the top ones with a 100% chance it will change,” said Amir Boldo, Co-Founder and CTO at Trullion. “And this makes sense. The role is based on rules which, actually, a computer can automate better than a human person.”
Boldo was speaking to CTech about the impact AI would have on workforces during an event celebrating Israel’s ‘Most Promising Startups of 2024’. Ranking second on the list, Trullion has demonstrated its significance in the current sector as well as the impact it has on the accounting industry. Established in 2019 with $35 million in funding, Trullion offers automation solutions for corporate controllers within organizations and auditors in audit firms.
“The whole world of fintech is changing and, specifically, accounting is going to look completely different in a few years,” he added. “I would say the whole world changes with AI and now with generative AI, even more so. But this is a conservative market and there is some fear from new technology. But on the other end, there is an understanding that they must become more efficient.”
You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.