CTech NY Conference Tomer Shani

“2024 is going to be the first year of proper normalcy”

Tomer Shani, Managing Director at Meitar Law Offices NY, spoke at Mind The Tech about global VC investment trends.

“2020/21 was a big party, 2022 was like a hangover, 2023 was the year of trying to get back to normal, and 2024, in my humble opinion, is going to be the first year of proper normalcy,” said Tomer Shani, Managing Director at Meitar Law Offices NY. He made the remarks at Calcalist and Bank Leumi’s Mind The Tech conference in New York City.
“2020/21 was a bit insane,” he elaborated. “Things went out of control and cash was cheap and it was arguably too easy to secure VC financing at the time - and the price was paid in 2022, especially with inflation and the rise of interest rates which affected the global VC economy.”
Meitar is Israel's leading international law firm involved in much of its high-tech activity both inside and outside of Israel. It represents VCs and companies at all stages and is involved in many of Israeli tech's M&As. Shani made the point of clarifying that even though Israel suffered from the Hamas attack on October 7, it did not stop the country’s recovery or steer investors away from Startup Nation.
“Investors who have a long-standing history with Israel and who are fully aware of Israel's geopolitical situation as well as the strong resilience of the Israeli tech ecosystem did not shy away from remaining involved in Israel and continued looking for opportunities,” he added. “Some international funds actually already completed between 2-3 investments in Israel since the war started.”
You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.