A look at D-ID Agents

Israeli AI leaders AI21 Labs, Lightricks, D-ID launch new products for red-hot GenAI market

The trio of Israeli companies have each announced products and services that will boost the country’s presence in the growing sector.

A slew of Israeli companies in the AI space have released new products in the last few days, signaling a promising future for the Israeli sector amid war and challenging economic times. AI21 Labs, Lightricks, and D-ID have all announced features that will expand their footprint and enhance productivity for users globally.
Lightricks, which offers video and photo editing tools via apps like Facetune, Photoleap, and Videoleap, has announced the launch of LTX Studio. The GenAI-driven platform for video production and filmmaking helps users with their storytelling through images, videos, text, and sound while reducing costs and enhancing their creativity.
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D-ID Agents
D-ID Agents
A look at D-ID Agents
(Photo: D-ID )
Its features include automatic script writing, scene control, character consistency, and camera control. In post-production, LTX Studio can help with rough cuts, real-time feedback and adjustments, and idea visualization.
“LTX Studio opens up a new world for expressing creativity on a larger scale — changing the landscape of video production for creators, filmmakers, studios, and marketers,” says Lightricks CEO and co-founder, Zeev Farbman. “The visual stories made by the filmmakers and creators that we selected to first test LTX Studio are deeply inspiring and demonstrate the powerful capabilities of our new product. We’re thrilled to be on the frontier of this new creative age.”
Also Wednesday, Startup Nation heard from AI21 Labs, which unveiled its new next-generation Summarize Conversation solution. Its new task-specific model saves time and accuracy for customers by summarising conversations like transcripts, meeting notes, and chats, saving time and resources. The feature can be used by teams such as support callers or customer service agents, earnings calls, and market reports for analysts, podcasts, and legal proceedings across industries including insurance, banking and finance, healthcare, and retail.
“As organizations aim for greater efficiency and accuracy, the Summarize Conversation Task-Specific Model represents a leap forward in the power of generative AI that can deliver immediate value. By providing grounded responses and concise summaries based on an organization’s own data, we are empowering teams to make better and more informed decisions, without the need for extensive training or prompt engineering," said Ori Goshen, co-CEO and co-founder of AI21.
The new tool joins Contextual Answers in the company’s suite of Task-Specific Models (TSM) released last summer. TSMs are smaller, specialized models that are trained specifically on the most common enterprise use cases, like summarization, and offer increased reliability, safety, and accuracy.
Finally, D-ID, an Israeli AI platform that generates digital humans, has announced the general availability of D-ID Agents. These customized, autonomous AI avatars can take verbal commands from users and respond in multiple languages while using facial expressions and hand gestures. Companies will be able to integrate D-ID Agents into their digital platforms to enhance their customer experience and marketing with human-like interactions.
The D-ID Agents tool addresses a growing demand for more natural digital interactions that help create a sense of mutual understanding, emotional connection, and trust. It is powered by a Natural User Interface (NUI) that helps avatars engage in conversations with human users more accurately and respond accurately, intelligently, and swiftly with over 90% accuracy delivered in under two seconds.
“As LLMs (large language models) become increasingly critical for enterprises, we understood that the natural progression was to move from text-based interactions to audio and video,” said Gil Perry, CEO and Co-founder of D-ID. Eliran Kuta, CTO and Co-founder, added: “Today’s digital interactions must be seamless, intuitive, and lifelike and Agents enables businesses to offer just that.”