Deloitte Launchpad's 5th cohort

Deloitte Launchpad announces 5th cohort with 10 new startups

To date, 33 companies have taken part in Deloitte Launchpad and have collectively raised $545 million.

Deloitte Launchpad, an accelerator program launched in 2020 by Deloitte, has named the 10 new startups that will participate in its fifth cohort. The program was designed in the middle of 2020 - at the height of the pandemic - and supports Israeli growth-stage companies penetrating the U.S. market with the help of Deloitte’s global network.
The selected companies will get guidance from American and Israeli teams and help them address three challenges: laying the foundations for relocation to America with a physical US-based office, establishing a solid sales infrastructure, and securing funding support for their next round(s). For the fifth cycle, companies were required to have a validated product, positive growth, the intention to move to the U.S. within two years, and revenues of at least $500,000. The program will provide content to address topics just as preparing for due diligence, offer access to venture capital, and help founders and their families relocate across the pond.

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Deloitte Launchpad 5th cohort
Deloitte Launchpad 5th cohort
Deloitte Launchpad's 5th cohort
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To date, 33 companies have taken part in Deloitte Launchpad and have collectively raised $545 million. The fifth cohort includes:
  • - which is an AI-powered creative (Video) Analysis platform making it easier to create videos with the highest likelihood of success.
  • Browsi - which provides an AI SaaS Platform for top tier-1 digital publishers that analyzes and predicts using artificial intelligence user engagement and behavior in real time, creating the optimal page layout per each individual user.
  • Datricks - which is a Risk Mining is a data-driven SaaS solution that guarantees continuous financial compliance for financial teams that struggle to find and control risks as they occur.
  • Medasense - which enables clinicians to personalize and optimize pain control and avoid overmedication.
  • Mine - which helps consumers proactively manage their personal data online to minimize exposure and reduce risk using the MineApp, and helps companies manage privacy, compliance and security operations using MineOS.
  • Nimble - which helps transform internet data into spreadsheets by leveraging public website content and unlocking business opportunities.
  • Ox Security - which is a software supply chain security solution providing security teams with automation, visibility, and risk insights to bring security and integrity to every step of the supply chain.
  • ReturnGO - which is a SaaS data-driven platform providing smart alternatives to returns with sustainable reverse logistics that can maximize both product exchanges and profitability.
  • Sedric - which is a compliance excellence platform for next-gen financial companies, helping them to adopt data-driven, scalable risk management to expedite business growth, minimize risk, and ensure consumer and brand protection.
  • Wizdome - which is a Threat Exposure Management (TEM) platform providing proactive defensive capabilities to find and mitigate cyber risk exposures before they turn into a breach.