CTech AIsrael Conference Liran Grinberg

AI will cause trust issues during the 2024 election campaign, says Team8

Liran Grinberg, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Team8, spoke to CTech at AIsrael 2024 about the threat that AI poses online during election cycles.

Liran Grinberg
(Photo: Oz Calcalist)

As election season approaches in the US and UK, the looming threat of AI can help manipulate potential voters through the use of deepfakes and fake news, according to Team8. Liran Grinberg, Co-founder and Managing Partner, spoke to CTech at Calcalist and Microsoft’s AIsrael 2024 event to discuss the issue.
“The whole advancements in AI bring a lot of challenges in the general topic of trust in the next few years,” he said. “Already today, it will be very hard to believe any sound you're hearing or any video you're seeing.”
According to Grinberg, people are already falling victim to attackers who leverage AI and deepfake capabilities with generative AI to use voice and audio to perform complex phishing attacks. One example is hearing a CFO or VP of Finance supposedly calling his employee to ask for a wire transfer.
“Those are taking place and we're seeing it in the field in the future,” Grinberg explained. “We're going to have elections soon in the US. We're going to have elections in many other countries. Trust is going to be a significant problem and it's not an easy topic to solve… It is something that our industry will need to tackle.”
You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.