20 stories about AI
אלון מאסק טוויטר - The bot that will add (artificial) intelligence to your tweets

Two Israeli techies have released a bot that used AI to generate tweets
Apply Design Founders 2

Y Combinator’s newest member wants to revolutionize the online real estate game

Apply Design has received $3.3 million in Seed for its technology that generates furniture in images of empty properties

BRIA partners with Getty Images to ‘transform’ visual content with Generative AI

26.10.22|James Spiro
Generative AI refers to unsupervised machine learning algorithms that help computers use existing content to create new artifacts
Ask-AI team

Ask-AI raises $9 million to become the “Google Search" of enterprise data

The Israeli startup’s platform allows managers and employees to receive answers and insights from all internal knowledge and customer communication sources
Yaffa Abadi

AI did not generate this title

25.10.22|Yaffa Abadi
"I am usually one for celebrating exciting technology breakthroughs and accepting the inevitable changes, as uncomfortable as they may be, but deep in my gut, this Generative Tech talk makes me uneasy," writes Yaffa Abadi of F2 Venture Capital
Omer Dror

Data-sharing is caring: Lynx MD Partners with Ministry of Health

Part of the MOH’s Kinneret Project, the collaboration will enable health centers across Israel to leverage the startup’s medical intelligence platform to securely share data and collaborate with MedTech, Pharmaceutical and AI researchers
Tensorleap Team 2

Tensorleap announces $5.2 million Seed round for its debugging and explainability platform

20.10.22|James Spiro
The company’s platform helps data scientists understand how a neural network interprets data, how it makes decisions, and where and why it failed
מייסדי סייטוריזן, מימין: דוד הראל, פרופ' שי שן-אור, אלינה סטרוסבצקי, רנו גוז'ו

CytoReason raises $20 million from Pfizer for AI drug discovery and development platform

20.09.22|Meir Orbach
Pfizer will also have options to license the Israeli startup’s platform and disease models, and fund supplementary project support, in a deal potentially worth up to $110 million over the next five years
ועידת Mind the Tech ניו יורק - דר רועי צזנה עתידן ומנהל המתודולוגיות הראשי של SparkBeyond

“You can be a super person with AI or you can stay behind while your competitors pass you”

Dr. Roey Tzezana, Futurist and Head of Methodologies at SparkBeyond, was speaking at the Mind the Tech Conference in New York
IBM Technion MoU

IBM Research, Hebrew University, and Israel’s Technion partner to promote AI efforts

08.09.22|James Spiro
The announcement was made at the Tech, Science, and Sustainable Society Summit, hosted by IBM Research celebrating 50 years of its presence in Israel
סופרמרקט קוסטקו אורלנדו פלורידה אינפלציה ארה"ב

Attention shoppers: Israeli startups putting the ‘AI’ in ‘retail’ management

30.08.22|Yonatan Sredni
To stay afloat in these challenging times, retailers must use every technological advantage at their disposal, especially artificial intelligence. With this in mind, CTech presents Israeli startups putting the ‘AI’ in retail
Liran Antebi INSS

"The problem is not with the weapon, it is with the AI"

25.08.22|James Spiro
Our fear of drones that carry out attacks is misguided- the real danger is the technology that runs them, explains Liran Antebi, Research Fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS)
Altooro Wasim Mo אלטורו וסים אבו סאלם ומוחמד מיטוואלי

Altooro’s platform helps companies “evaluate skills, not resumes”

The company has raised $2.5 million to scout hidden gems and identify creative users, superstars, and outliers for the tech sector
Shahar Nurit ActiveFence

ActiveFence appoints Nurit Cohen Inger and Shahar Tarshish to executive roles

07.08.22|James Spiro
Cohen Inger will be VP of Product AI & Data, and Tarshish will serve as EVP of R&D
Danielle Dafni and Johnathan Amit Kanarek - Peech

Peech raises $8.3 million Seed funding to expand AI-driven content generation for brands

The Israeli startup has developed an NLP and AI-powered automatic video editing solution which transforms raw video footage into branded videos in seconds
NeuroSense & NeuraLight  R&D Teams

NeuroSense Therapeutics and NeuraLight collaborate to detect ALS using AI

The collaboration between the Israeli companies will help the scientific community better understand Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and develop effective drugs to treat it
קירה רדינסקי דוקטור מדענית ראשית של אי ביי ebay

Kira Radinsky’s Diagnostic Robotics raises $45 million Series B

25.07.22|Sophie Shulman
The Israeli startup, which has developed an AI platform that helps predict which patients will benefit from proactive interventions and improve the point of care, has doubled its valuation to several hundred million dollars since its last funding round in 2019
פוטו קורונה ריחוק תינוק האנוי ויאטנם

Can AI be a valuable asset in the area of healthcare provisioning?

17.07.22|Dov Greenbaum
Employing artificial intelligence to assess embryos to avoid civil and criminal prosecution could be what pushes AI in healthcare into the mainstream
Deci Founders

Deci raises $25 million Series B to accelerate the productization of AI applications

13.07.22|Meir Orbach
The investment comes just seven months after the Israeli startup secured $21 million in Series A funding for its deep learning development platform which helps AI developers build, optimize, and deploy AI models
Yoav Shoham Ori Goshen Amnon Shashua A21

Amnon Shashua’s AI21 Labs raises $64 million for natural language processing platform

12.07.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup, which is aiming to fundamentally change the way people read and write, raised its latest round at a $664 million valuation