CTech NY Conference Michael Ben Shimon

“There is a wave of innovation in GenAI that was triggered by OpenAI technology”

Michael Ben-Shimon, Founding Member at M&B IP, joined CTech at Mind The Tech 2024 to discuss technology trends in the year ahead.

“We see a lot of Seed stage companies coming with technology related to Generative AI in every aspect, either creating new content or protecting models that are implementing generative AI,” explained Michael Ben-Shimon, Founding Member at M&B IP.
M&B IP is a patent firm whose primary focus is developing strategic patent portfolios for startup companies to help increase their valuations. He made the remarks during Mind The Tech in New York hosted by Calcalist and Bank Leumi.
“Cybersecurity companies in the space… content companies, insurance companies, tech companies in the space. So there is kind of a wave of innovation in the area of generative AI that was triggered by OpenAI technology… Another trend that we see that correlates to OpenAI and Generative AI is the ability to process these large models. So companies that develop semiconductor chips to accelerate the execution of such models are coming along, able to raise money under the promise that they will be the next NVIDIA.”
You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.