The second Climate First cohort in London

Climate First announces second cohort of Israeli climatetech startups

The companies participated in a delegation that embarked on a UK roadshow, connecting Israeli innovation with the British climatetech ecosystem

Israeli-European climate accelerator Climate First has launched their second cohort, where the participating startups visited the United Kingdom to meet with local government officials, senior executives, asset managers, and climatetech VC firms. The delegation is part of Climate First’s 8-week scale-up program designed to boost Israeli companies to the forefront of climate innovation.
“Introducing London to the finest of Israeli climate-tech innovation is an opportunity to harness some of the most forward-thinking, planet-saving ideas in order to make a real impact,” said Nadav Steinmetz, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Climate First. Guy Cherni, who holds the same position, added: “The startups we work with are cherry-picked for their unique approach to key environmental issues, and this opportunity to connect them with leading UK financial investment houses is set to deliver tremendous progress for the climate and in particular the slashing of carbon emissions.”

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Climate First 2024
Climate First 2024
The second Climate First cohort in London
(Credit: Amanda Rose)

The Climate First program is tailored for high-impact startups aiming to lead early-stage innovation and cut global emissions by 100 million tons of CO2 annually. The program connects these startups with a global network of experts, investors, and partners to facilitate international expansion, funding acquisition, and sales growth.
The participating startups in Climate First’s second cohort are as follows:
  • Carbon Blue - which is innovating in carbon dioxide separation from water for industrial applications.
  • Chiral Energies - which develops technology to control the spin of electrons to improve efficiency in batteries, electrolyzers, and fuel cells.
  • Climate Crop - which advances crop yields and adaptability to new climate realities through photosynthesis improvement.
  • First Airborne - which is working on wind turbine monitoring for enhanced energy production.
  • Nitrofix - which is developing a chemical solution for the production of emission-free green ammonia.
  • RepAir - which produces energy-efficient, large-scale direct air carbon capture technology requiring 70% less energy than conventional processes.
  • SolCold - which develops a novel cooling coating that cools any object it covers without consuming electricity.
  • Xfloat - which is designing optimized floating solar fields for land and sea to generate electricity.
  • Polymertal - which can offer sustainable, lightweight metal alternatives for industrial use, lowering weight electricity consumption.
The delegation's journey commenced with a welcoming event at the UK’s House of Lords, hosted by Lord Ian Austin with the UK Ambassador to Israel Simon Walters, and UK Israel Business’ Danny Kesler and Dor Bershadsky. The companies then also met with representatives from investment funds such as Blackrock, Temasek, Decarbonisation Partners, Beyond NetZero, General Atlantic, BP, Shell, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Barclays, Centrica, Coca-Cola, HSBC, EBRD, Just-Climate, and others.