11 stories about Climatetech
Climate First 2024

Climate First announces second cohort of Israeli climatetech startups

27.03.24|James Spiro
The companies participated in a delegation that embarked on a UK roadshow, connecting Israeli innovation with the British climatetech ecosystem
קידוח נפט ב קנדה

Record $6.4 billion invested in carbon capture tech, but challenges and controversies persist

21.06.23|Shani Ashkenazi
Amid growing concerns, carbon capture technologies receive unprecedented funding, yet efficacy and viability remain uncertain
שריפה שריפות אמזנוס ברזיל איכות סביבה

Are climatech startups looking to solve problems or are they looking for money?

14.02.23|Shani Ashkenazi
Venture capital funds have entered a climatech ‘arms race’ and are pouring billions into startups, including those that may even be harming the planet. Meanwhile, Israel is lagging behind despite declaring that it will be leading the field
Bracha Gravity 20

“Whatever your capabilities are, you can apply it to climate technologies.”

Climatetech is so vast that anyone can get involved in the sector, says Bracha Halaf, co-founder and managing partner of Gravity Climate Fund.
Ctech ClimateTech 2023 Roee Reshef

How optimizing concrete might help the climate crisis

27.01.23|James Spiro
Roee Reshef, Co-Founder and CEO at GreenVibe, spoke to CTech about concrete’s impact on the environment
3Ctech ClimateTech 2023 Ofir Gomeh

Israel “is a great place to start” for climatetech investments, says Capital Nature

27.01.23|James Spiro
"We all know it is a slow time in terms of investment, but in climatetech specifically, it is a great time," noted CEO Ofir Gomeh
Ctech ClimateTech 2023 Lior Handelsman וידאו

“I see today more founders going into climatetech - that's really exciting”

26.01.23|James Spiro
Lior Handelsman, General Partner at Grove Ventures, spoke to CTech about the change in climatetech entrepreneurship
Ctech ClimateTech 2023 Karina Rubinsteinv

What is next for Israel’s InNegev Incubator?

26.01.23|James Spiro
Karina Rubinstein, Climatetech Venture Partner at InNegev Incubator, joined CTech to discuss the climate crisis and how Israeli companies can join the fight.
Ctech ClimateTech 2023 Barak Roth

Would you adopt carbon credits to save the planet?

25.01.23|James Spiro
Rewind Co-Founder and VP of Marketing, Barak Roth, spoke to CTech about its new platform to tackle carbon footprints
 Ctech ClimateTech 2023 Dr. Bracha Halaf

“Everywhere in the globe, climatetech is now taking a step forward”

25.01.23|James Spiro
Dr. Bracha Halaf, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Gravity Climate Fund, spoke to CTech during Calcalist’s Climatetech conference