Ctech Gaming conference Keren Marom וידאו

The impact of Israel’s small yet mighty gaming sector

Keren Marom, Co-Founder and COO at Beach Bum, joined CTech to discuss the gaming sector

Keren Marom
(סיני דוד)

“Israel is very strong because of its talent, its mindset, its ability to be confident, in creating new things and being innovative, technological, and not giving up,” explained Keren Marom, Co-Founder and COO at Beach Bum. “If something doesn't work, we go back to the drawing board, we make something else until it does. I think that mindset and that aptitude make a big difference.”
Beach Bum is a social gaming company developing casual classic traditional board and card games. Beach Bum was acquired by French mobile gaming company Voodoo for $500 million in September 2021. At Gaming 2022, Marom praised how Israel is a small yet mighty piece of the gaming sector pie.
“In Israel, it is still a small group of people I have been working with for decades,” she explained. “It is a nice way to network with people I haven’t seen in a while, keep up with the times, and share some insights. It is great.”
You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.