CTech Paris Conference Jean-Emile Rosenblum

“Israelis need to understand that there is a good market in France”

Jean-Emile Rosenblum, Founder and CEO of Pixmania and head of French Tech TLV spoke to CTech about French interest in Israeli tech during Israel’s Business Delegation to Paris led by Calcalist and Bank Hapoalim.

“It's very important for Israelis to understand that there is a good market in France,” says Jean-Emile Rosemblum, Founder and CEO of Pixmania particularly in regards to FoodTech and AgriTech companies which are strong industries in France. Rosenblum is also the head of French Tech TLV, an organization which connects the French and Israeli tech ecosystems, whose goal is to “make the French understand that the best tech in the world is in Israel, and to make Israel understand that it's not only the U.S. and the U.K. where they can sell their technology.”
Rosenblum says that the tech scene and capital injected into France in the last 10 years has boomed. “I think that since President Macron started, when he was already the economy minister, he did a lot to boost the tech side in France and also to make foreigners invest more in the country. So, there is a lot of capital that has been invested in the French economy and they are facilitating a lot of the startups.”
He says that even post-October 7, “Israel has a good image in France for the entire tech industry. There is no big French company that doesn’t say that Israel has good technology for what they’re doing. So, they are very interested, the only problem is the insurance. They cannot travel because their insurance isn’t covered. I think there is something to be done by the government.”
You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.