Ctech Gaming conference Dima Karger וידאו

How is Plarium’s Israeli studio reaching gamers around the world?

Dima Karger, GM Israel Studio at Plarium, joined CTech to share how the Israeli base communicates with the rest of the gaming community.

Dima Karger, GM Israel Studio at Plarium
(Sinai David)

“Yes we are an Israeli studio, but only two-thirds of the studio is located in Israel,” explained Dima Karger, GM of the Israel Studio at Plarium. “Despite the fact that we are based on location, we are still finding the talents wherever they are.”
Plarium is considered one of the biggest free-to-play gaming companies in the world, and it has its very own Israeli studio dedicated to the design and distribution of some of its most popular titles. In terms of its methods, Karger confirms that the company is balancing a variety of ways to get games into the hands of players.
“We are doing everything,” he continued. “Some of them are more traditional, like using Google, Facebook, and using in-game adverts. Some of them are more new age, like we have a lot of great influencers… those are more non-traditional types of advertisements, including huge signs, events, and so on. You have to be flexible between the new and the old, and everything you can find.”
You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.