CTech AIsrael Conference Yaron Morgenstern

“I don't think AI will take everyone's job. I think it will change jobs.”

Glassbox CEO Yaron Morgenstern made the remarks to CTech at Calcalist and Microsoft’s AIsrael 2024 event.

Yaron Morgenstern
(Photo: Calcalist)

“Glassbox helps many of the largest organizations in the world to improve the experience of their customers when they use their digital channels, mainly their websites and mobile apps,” explained CEO Yaron Morgenstern. “So we improve not only by telling them where their customers, us the consumers, are struggling when we use the mobile apps and websites, but even more importantly is the why: Why we cannot finish a certain process in the digital channels, what causes the frustration and so on.”
Of course, Glassbox has been leveraging AI for a while, whether it is helping organizations like banks talk to customers or in another form with natural language processing. As AI continues to penetrate our lives, there are inevitable questions surrounding job security in the space.
“I don't think AI will take everyone's job. I think it will change jobs,” he continued. “I already see new jobs coming out of how to use or better use AI. With respect to Glassbox, we're looking at a future of what we call ‘autonomous CX’, meaning the ability of websites and mobile apps through our system to not only come up with the struggles but also suggest solutions for the problem automatically. It allows people in the organization either to review suggestions and approve them or just automatically correct the issues within the websites and mobile apps.”
You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.