Avihay Feld ועידת Ctech ענן

“We are bringing the fashion industry into the world of technology and into the cloud”

Avihay Feld, CEO at Browzwear, spoke to CTech about how the worlds of fashion and technology are merging

Avihay Feld, CEO at Browzwear

“Browzwear is changing the way that the fashion industry used to work, in very traditional ways,” explained Avihay Feld, its CEO. “We are changing the methods of garment creation from the physical manual ways that took months and years to create a garment, to all digital and with a process that takes weeks to days.”
According to Feld, one of the biggest problems in the fashion industry is how it needs to predict trends one, maybe two, years in advance. This means that fabrics that aren’t popular are wasted, which can affect the environment when they are ultimately destroyed or buried.
“The industry is still using its very traditional ways because it’s hard to move people from where they were to using new ways,” he continued. “The only thing that really changed and boosted everything was Covid. Because there were no physical samples, and physical samples are a must-have to begin any process in the traditional way… There is a long way to go, it is a long journey, but I think we have passed the turning point. And when I mean turning point, I mean right now there is no going back.”
You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.